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I shot a clown that kept stalking me

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I shot a clown that kept stalking me

Postby kitkat1077 » Mon Jul 17, 2017 8:41 am

In this dream, my friend and I ended up in some sort of ghost-town, aside from a hotel a few blocks away from where we parked our car. While the hotel was always busy and packed, the rest of the town was dead, and in ruins. We decided to leave to try and make it to a better place, but as we returned to our car, a clown appeared underneath the lamp post near her car, underneath the dull yellow light. Picture this: a dark night, a broken down, old car, and a clown covered in blood standing in a parking lot underneath a lamp post, right next to said car. It's ghastly. We ran, as fast as we could back to the hotel. We decided to try again, later on because surely he'd leave and we'd have enough time to make a run for it and start the car. So that's what we did. But sure enough, THERE HE WAS AGAIN, only this time, he walked out from the shadows, paused to look at us, then charged. At this point, I don't know what happened to my friend. The sun appeared to be rising but it was still quite dark as I ran back to the hotel. I got to the lobby where lots of people were, and went up to my room, where I thought I'd be safe. It was there, waiting. As soon as I walked in, it attacked me and before I could do anything I was on the floor being strangled to the verge of death by this thing. I looked over to my right, and a revolver, golden and white, was just laying there underneath my bag. I grabbed it and shot him in the head. But he didn't die- he was just unconscious. For now.
When the police arrived, I'd told them what happened and they almost made ME seem like the one at fault? The clown woke up but was suffering from extremely bad damage to the brain. He only made these inhumane noises, wheezing, and wailing out. The police looked at him, and turned to me, then said with a look of pity in his eyes: "Oh...jesus, you shot him in the frontal lobe..." I knew why he said that (the frontal lobe of the brain is where all logical thought is passed; it was OBVIOUS he was suffering damage to that area) In the end, I actually took pity on the clown and I felt like I'd also suffered some psychological damage from the experience. Please tell me why I had this dream, and why a clown? I'm not even afraid of clowns.
Dream Child
Dream Child
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Re: I shot a clown that kept stalking me

Postby Sheena » Mon Jul 17, 2017 12:33 pm

When the frontal lobe does not work you cannot reason nor regulate moods.
You may be struggling to bring advanced thinking to a difficult problem which requires that.
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Dream Guru
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