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The Hummingbird

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The Hummingbird

Postby Noble25 » Sun Jul 16, 2017 5:36 pm

i have a story to share. I'd like some input if possible, I think it would really help me grow in understanding specific aspects of dreaming, and hopefully allow me to grow in having a better insight if I had conversations with other individuals that are as tuned as I have been the past three years paying attention to my dreams. Like the story I'm about to tell isn't the first time a dream I had actually showed me real meaning of an event that would truly happen in real life. This one though was more real and mind blowing than I can handle alone and that's why I'm here. Iv told a few people but they seem to just think it's "weird" , or just don't understand where I'm coming from. Anyway I'll get straight to it . I woke up on a Monday having remembered a significant symbol from my dream that morning. Some days I write down my dreams just for fun and others I simply have to much to do and simply let them go unfortunately. But I know well enough that if something presents itself in a dream well enough to remember, I make sure to look up the meaning of that symbol. For me however it's always animals I tend to remember. This time a hummingbird. I told myself I wanted to look it up because I was curious to what it might mean but I had a long drive ahead of me to get to work and I quickly forgot. However on a lunch break that same day, I was relaxing in my car just scrolling through Facebook when I came acrossed an artical that had a image of a hummingbird feeder. I didn't read what it said because In that instant , I remembered my dream and wanted to know the meaning. It was nothing but positive and uplifting what the bird symbolized and that made me happy. But starting all over a new job was what it made me think about of course. I was hoping that what the bird was telling me ment that good luck was coming my way into being successful for once in my life so I could live the American dream, buy a home, start a family. Anyways it gets more exciting. The next day, my boss brings me and another coworker aside and long story short tells use he trusts us to do good work, pretty much he things were more professional in what we do and have more passion. Exactly what iv been hoping for ever since I started this new job. To be recognized. So another day passed, the hummingbird still in my thoughts, and the boss shows more interest in me and puts me on a big mission to hang some lights outside. I was the only one not scared to do the job so I was happy to show him that and have the opportunity to prove I'm worth something. After that I felt so good and accomplished, I really felt the power of the dream at this point and started to share my thoughts and beliefs to my friends. Of course no one understood like I did or looked at it in the same light. But it wasn't till the next day where my dream came to life. I was finishing up hanging those light, standing at the base of the long latter both hands ready to climb up, when I simply took a breath and randomly looked down. I didn't hear anything , it's like something told me to look that way. Not even 3 feet away from me, a hummingbird hit a glass window and was struggling. I couldn't believe it. How often does someone get to see a hummingbird in person unless they have feeders or big gardens. Like it's so rare in a way and it's the first time I got to touch one. I picked the bird up in my hands and put my job aside to try reviving the poor thing but unfortunately I don't think it ever woke up. I laid the bird in a nice grassy spot under a tree, greatful for the message. In a way I thought to my self "did my luck just end since the bird passed away?" Or I'd like to think of it as every living thing on this planet has the power of free will, and the univers sent me this bird to tell me that everything was going to be okay and that my goals would be met. It's just a shame the window had to confuse the little guy. So I guess my question to whoever it might concern is what did I experience in your opinion? Is it a bad thing the bird died in my hands if the dream symbolism meant nothing but good luck? How do I have more premonition dreams or if it was one at all? Thank you.
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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Re: The Hummingbird

Postby Sheena » Mon Jul 17, 2017 12:36 pm

Boss tell you to have more passion.
Nothing unusual sexual attraction to authority figure.
Dream Guru
Dream Guru
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