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Please help with dream meaning?

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Please help with dream meaning?

Postby butterflywillows » Fri May 19, 2017 12:06 pm

So, in my dream my current girlfriend and I are in Nc where I grew up and I'm showing her around. We decide to go have dinner at a nice restaurant. Well, it turns out my ex is our waitress for some reason which is extremely awkward. As we are leaving my ex is standing at the door with this big grin on her face and all of a sudden my mother walks in. I'm immediately confused and ask what she is doing there. Just as I ask my nana walks in who died last year. I drop to the floor and then look up and said I knew it, then rushed to give her a hug. As soon as I did I woke up. Thoughts??? Maybe its symbolizing the end of my heartbreak? A new beginning..?
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