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Tsunami Dream In California

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Tsunami Dream In California

Postby Leiura » Thu May 18, 2017 12:53 am

This dream took place last year in July. I live in Oklahoma but was vacationing in California at the time it happened.

I'm standing on a beach. It's overcast and windy. There's no indicators to tell me that i'm on a Cali beach. In the dream I just know as I look out over what I know is the pacific ocean.
There's not many people on the beach. I am looking for my husband and daughter.
I notice that the water begins to recede further and further out. Immediately I know what is happening. A tsunami.
I begin to scream at people that a tsunami is coming and for people to run. I'm screaming this as I run along the beach, still scanning for my husband and child. But I quickly realize there's no time left. I begin to run inland, hoping that they would be somewhere safe as I go.

The water comes rushing inland but it's only knee deep. For some reason I'm not knocked down but I'm struggling to walk "upstream" as the water is being pulled back out to sea. As I do, I feel my frustration mounting and out of that frustration I start yelling out for Yahweh to help me. As I do, I suddenly feel the pull of the water disappear (but the water is still there, running back out) and I begin to wade through the water with ease towards the hill in front of me.

The tsunami isn't over yet. It's building up for a second time, but this time bigger.

As I climb this grassy hill I come to a chain-link fence at the top, sectioned into 3 sections, each one with it's own lock. I reach for the lock I know is unlocked (I know the other two are locked for some reason) and I pull. It opens and I swing this chain-link fence-door open. Beyond it is a small red wooden structure that looks like an oversized hen house with a tall door and ramp leading up to it. I walk up the ramp and I open the door and my husband and daughter are sitting there together, looking up at me, completely safe but the hen house is dark inside and empty. I know that behind me the second tsunami has come inland now. I know I am safe now. I wake up.
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DM Lurker
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Re: Tsunami Dream In California

Postby Gus Who » Thu May 18, 2017 8:21 pm

Actually this is about earthquake waves... on Sept 3 that wave hit Oklahoma
... in this kind of language, looking at the sea (ocean) is looking at beyond you sight...
This goes to the Fracking Earthquakes ... as a another 5.0 or greater hits your area (where are you at in Oklahoma ? ) as that is the knee deep one that hits first...

as I've been watching that area for some time now...
WARNING PERRY, OKLAHOMA EQ (precursor) so-called 4.6. Struck 4.5...
... < 36 days
Gus Who
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