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I followed someone I know (kinda have a crush on)

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I followed someone I know (kinda have a crush on)

Postby Ilayda » Wed May 17, 2017 3:17 pm

Hello, I had a very strange dream I few weeks ago and couldn't sleep well since then. I wanted to know how other people would think about it:

Well I was sitting in a bus and there was a group of guys in it as well. I remember buying the ticket before and just driving in it normally. I knew the guys that were sitting there but I never really talked to them. I made some years abroad and know them from there but afterwards I didn't really get to see them again but one of them stayed in my mind and we were in contact for a while and I think I have feelings for him. He was the one who noticed me and I kinda have a crush on him.
At some point the bus stopped and we both left it but the other guys that drove with us were gone and the guy in front of me seemed lost. I followed him while he was looking around and it seemed like he didn't know where to go. I remember that I had a destination myself but I just followed him without thinking about it. I intended to help him but didn't speak to him. This was the only decision I made. Everything else happens by itself.
He walked up some stairs where some ravens were sitting. They flew away when he walked past them and on top I saw the guy talking to another man who seemed like a normal teenager like us. The lost one that I followed until here asked him for directions. He was like “I need to go here, do you know where it is?”
The man just replied: “No, uhm, sorry I don't. But aren't you …?” He said his name and the lost guy nodded.
Then they seemed to be cool with each other and he just said “That's cool!” and they made some handshake or something. But he couldn't help him so he continued walking. The guy that was asked by the person I've been following remained at his place and waited for his train.
I was still following him and at some point I saw him trying to enter one of the trains. He had a ticket (he also had one for the bus earlier) but I felt like it was the wrong train. So I tapped him on his shoulder, took his wrist and dragged him away from the train. At some point he pulled away his wrist and I stumbled a few steps backwards. And suddenly I was shocked. I looked at him and said: “Who are you?”
He had the same face but suddenly he opened his mouth and said: “I'm Justin.” But the name of the person isn't Justin. I don't know why it was Justin.
He looked at me and asked: “Do you want to enter this train?”
I replied with a simple “No”.
He asked me why I didn't wanted to enter and I just said: “Because I know the way.” We stared at each other for a while and then I woke up.
All of this occurred in Sweden and I don't know how I know that it's Sweden because I've never been in Sweden in my life before and “Justin” isn't from Sweden either.

I would be happy if someone could help me with that dream! I was really confused after waking up. Thank you!
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DM Lurker
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