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a disturbing dream

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a disturbing dream

Postby Rurouni » Wed May 17, 2017 1:54 am

Two days ago I had this nightmare-ish dream, and I have absolutely no idea where this might be coming from.

It all started with a slave girl and some white Christian priest, who accused her of something and wanted her to be punished. However, even facing the death penalty, the girl didn't seem to care much. I watched her say her farewells to white and black people alike. A friendly middle-aged white man walked up to her offering some help, but she rejected him and proudly walked right into her death.
The scenery changes to a hospital. It would seem the girl didn't die after all, but ended up being hospitalized instead. A woman, probably a reporter, visited her child and waited for the girl to awaken, in order to interview her on the above subject. Suddenly the hospital was filled with people, many of the Jews. I'm a doctor now, and knowing that the Jews will be deported from the hospital soon, I wish to at least save the children. I discuss the possibility of releasing the children from the hospital before they can be deported with a friend and coworker. I stand in front of an emergency exit trying to guide the children through the door while being suspiciously eyed by some bystanders. However, a woman is engaged in an argument with one child. Not caring about me or her surroundings, the woman delays the escape.
I find myself in another room. My boyfriend was being admitted after he injured both his legs somehow. He is sound asleep in his bed as I walk into the room of the slave girl. She's not there and that reporter woman is anxiously waiting for her chance to interview the girl. I am standing, halfway lying, on the bed of the woman's child and catch a strange smell. As I remove the blanket, I see my boyfriend lying there with 4 legs, two of them attached to his hips upside-down.
This is where I wake up.

When I fall asleep again, I find myself inside my grandfathers house. I look out of one window, impressed/amazed at what the neighbors did to the garden. There are railroad tracks running through the garden and a delivery man with a strange vehicle drives by on the tracks (but not using them). He delivers a package for another neighbor, only to bump into that neighbor on his way back. He mumbled some excuses. I go outside to meet those people. From one of the houses two women in fancy, too tight dresses. Because these two are standing so close together, I have trouble telling there feet apart and come to think that they are wearing unmatching shoes. A man shows up ant the tree of them stroll away. I follow them and a man with a dog approaches from behind.
I turn and go through a big door. It looks like there's an exhibition to be held in the hall. Many people walk in. Someone wants to touch (and maybe break?) an Egyptian statue. It is wrapped in paper and almost unrecognizable. (I recall having another dream the night before, where this exact statue is being wrapped and stored away for some unknown reason) I warn him not to do that, but he ignores me. So I use magic to lift the statue up and have it disappear. I also cast a spell on him, but he laughs at me. Suddenly two man approach, one of them an impersonator of a certain singer singing a song. The precious guy is suddenly very scared. The two man shove him into one of the small cabinets in the back of the room. The singer undresses for some reason. The bad guy is horrified now knowing he's going to die. This is where I wake up again.

What the heck is that supposed to mean? :? Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions etc. are welcome and appreciated.
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Re: Slave vs Free

Postby Superman1 » Wed May 17, 2017 10:22 pm

I'm not sure about this, especially the end where I may have gotten confused. But see if any relates to you.

PART 1 - Your Dream of Freedom
Ending your slavery, perhaps to others? Saying your farewells to the positive and negative of this, maybe in people alike. Even at the cost of friendship.
But this, or you, needed fixing or healing to be really done.
You may need to awaken, in regard to what may be such emotions or relationships.
Maybe you feel persecuted, or not belonging, and want to save the new growth resulting from your emergency action, or working with others as friends can help.
But maybe being suspicious of others, you argue with yourself about this and feeling alone, maybe about others not caring.
Maybe your progress with others was injured, or your assertive side needs waking up or you'll remain a slave, anxious to be free.
Or is it about your relationship with your boyfriend? But he can mean your strong side that you want to break free is upside-down, or only halfway there yet. (And so am I through this dream.) That's what smelt funny.

PART II - How To Do It
Though you may be amazed at what you can do naturally, you might not be on track, but might have trouble differentiating to perform this action. Maybe you made excuses, or others do to you. So you need to be clear and have that inner strength to change your social relations.
It looks like you might wanna break the ancient powerful having slaves fixed idea, following the old 'god' or way, or your want equal power. It's a big thing. Or maybe what is precious to you is yourself, mysterious, unseen, that is covered which you want to unveil.
You may have gift wrapped that for yourself, or covered it up really, for later. You hear the warning not to break this fixed form, but you do.
Maybe you want magic to lift yourself, free yourself, and wish the problem or you would disappear and that you can have power, but that's a laugh without you doing it.
So maybe your new joyful self expression is not the real thing, which scares you. So you want to reveal your real self, not store it in the back where you can't be seen. Then the bad control can die, or what has wrong power over you.
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