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Shadow deer and dark shadow figure

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Shadow deer and dark shadow figure

Postby Rlhenry » Mon May 15, 2017 12:53 pm

This was a weird one and I feel like it was telling me something but as to what Idk. I was living in a house of my own it was pitch black outside when I awoke in the dream from a loud noise out in the back yard. Course I'm worried about someone trying to break in so I went downstairs to check it out with a flashlight in hand. I opened up the sliding door for outback and shined one direction and then the other. As I then pointed the flash to the middle of the yard there was a dark figure no red eyes just straight black in the shape of a man. In the matter of seconds the figure turned into a shadow deer and ran to the left followed by other shadow deer. Shined my light that way but there was only one shadow deer the rest gone despite the backyard being fenced in. Then the last one just ran right through the fence. I had no evil sensation off the presence in fact it was more neutral like it was neither evil nor good. But inside I had a feeling of dread and shock and curiosity. Anyone have any idea as to what this may have meant if it meant anything
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