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Pink Star

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Pink Star

Postby Zandydream » Sun May 14, 2017 10:32 pm

What does a pink star mean?
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Re: Pink Star

Postby Varzandeh » Mon May 15, 2017 5:24 am

A star means someone who guides us to a better way of life and we find the way by that. Pink means he is happy or a happiness for you.
Please update when something was mentioned.
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Re: Pink Star

Postby Zandydream » Mon May 15, 2017 1:44 pm

Varzandeh wrote:A star means someone who guides us to a better way of life and we find the way by that. Pink means he is happy or a happiness for you.
Please update when something was mentioned.

Well I was mediating instead of dreaming. But I assume
Meditating and dreaming are the same state.

What happened was I was in space among the stars floating with my therapist.
I then recalled we were sitting on some invisible waves,he was sitting the opposite of me on his wave and I was sitting on my wave.
I then noticed he had all these stars on his body, I asked "You got so many stars" and then he responded "yes,each star is a experience. Whether good or bad"
I felted I guess sad and I said "But, I have no star" then he looked at me hopeful and said "You need to find your inner star"
So I thought "my inner star?"
Then suddenly I awoke from a egg shell, the egg shell was human size. The egg shell was floating just above the ground of the sysmbol from the floot of a star with a blue circle. I then stepped out from the egg and found I have found my pink star.
Jesus Christ came to me and said you did it and was really happy for me.
I wantes to show to my therapist and tell him the good news. I looked out to the field but he was no where to be found. Jesus told me be careful who I shkw this too.

Suddenly I was in small wooden boat, it was night time. The water was black from the reflection of the night sky. There was million of stars in the sky.
Sitting opposite of me was my therapist. He smiled at me because I finally knew something that he wanted me to know for a long time.
I asked "did we, where we, do you believe in past lives"?
He said smiled with a sparkle in his eyes and said "yes we where. We were lovers." as he lean back. I stood up and walked to towards him but the boat kinda shooked. "Why didn't you tell me" I asked. "Oh sorry" I said as I noticed the boat shooked. He said "you don't like shaking things, do you"? I said "no"
Then I said "why now?, what happened" so he explained to me "Something happened to your past self, I wasn't there anymore to help you. So it was brought into the present now." I knew what he meant. That I bought my past pain to my present self. I sense he seemed ashamed about or sad. "So, God made us meet again in the present,to fixed what was missed before"
I thought about it and reached out and place my palm on his plam and as I slowly let go of mt hand a pink light orb appeared. I said "No, we weren't lovers we were brother and sister in the past lives." I said excited.
It seemed my therapist wasn't aware of that. He said "yes, we were, we were.close. Though I was envious when ever you found a boyfriend each time"

And that was.it
What does that mean? I know it's alot.
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Dream Seeker
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Re: Pink Star

Postby Superman1 » Thu May 18, 2017 9:04 pm

First, a pink star might mean in finding yourself you can love yourself, whose light and warmth may seem beyond you and is life-giving.
The main gist seems to be life is about experience, that you learn from that, to know yourself.
And to find your inner self or experience, by going beyond the gestation of it and beyond your shell, to become happy.
But your wisdom knows to be careful how you gain this or use it. Maybe that it is the inner you, not from someone else or outside.
You are your therapist. Or that Jesus Christ is all about brotherhood, not another kind of love.

So then you thought of your reality as it is now.
In the dark, with the many lights of your experience beyond you.
And opposite you, but which you can become, was this knowing you saw before, that you have wanted for a long time.
With a star in your eye, when you loved yourself.

But maybe to do this you must stand up and shake things up, which you don't like to do.
And maybe now you saw this need you have, this action or change you want to make, to fix yourself now and fix the pain you have brought to now from the past, that makes you sad, and is what you missed before.

So, you saw that if you become your own therapist, or join with that quality in you, and correct that, you can find yourself and your inner light, your self-contained sphere, or dependence on self, not another, not co-dependent, which is exciting. An important point seems to be not to be lovers with your therapist, but brother and sister. Close, but relating in that way. It may be that relationship with yourself you really are after, to enable you to love you.
It seems you were not aware your therapist was this. Though you may still feel envious of not having him as a boyfriend, or have those feelings.
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