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Gang Attacked me

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Gang Attacked me

Postby Gamer M » Fri Apr 21, 2017 8:57 am

Was in some house (supposedly was my house) with my Mom, and Grandpa. I told them to go up to the attic and lock the door. I told them to hide there and stay quiet, so they would be safe. They asked why. I told them that a gang of criminals found where we lived and they are outside. They would be coming to the door any second. I told them to hurry. I told them to not come down no matter what happens to me. I told them that I don't want them to get killed by the gang. I made sure they got to the attic safely, then I approached the front door of the house. The criminals knocked on the door. I could see them through several cracks in that door. They called my name. I went to open the door to face them. At the same time, they broke it down. my hands were injured by the door. Had a cut on my palms. The gang rushed inside. They surrounded me laughing. They told me that they put some kind of chemicals on the door. Something that would get into my cuts and slowly kill me. They attacked. I desperately fought back. There were five of them. I was repeatedly punched and kicked until I collapsed onto the floor. They took needles and knives to torture me with. I somehow managed to get up despite the agonizing pain. I ran out of the house knowing they would follow me. I led them away from my family. I lost them in the woods. I sneaked back to my house and got my mom and grandpa out of there. We went to another house (one of my other family members don't remember who) and we stayed there for now. I saw the leader of the gang walking around outside (he wasn't with them the first time). I told my mom he was outside. For some reason I flung paint at him from the window. I thought it was funny. Then I woke-up.
Gamer M
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Part Time Dreamer
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