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A dream about an Ex

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A dream about an Ex

Postby BandagedDemon01 » Fri Apr 21, 2017 4:15 am

Last night was weird. Of late I haven't been able to rest properly but when I do sleep I end up with weird dreams. I say out of all the dreams I've had this week, this one would top it.

Now of what I remember from it I dreamt of an ex. He was the second longest relationship of almost two years of dating. compared to my current relationship which is four and a bit years.

SO hear is what i remember of the dream,

Dream realm: My ex and I was just chilling at what looked to be a busy hangout, drinking lemonaid and chatting. my ears pan into me asking about him,"How are you and what have been doing all these years" took a sip from my drink,

"Nothing much, just got married a few months back" He stood up, too me into an embrace "I could have your stomach filled for nine months and married" I widens my gaze

"excuse me? But you are married and I have my boyfriend" I gets out of his grip and he follows. I found a quiets room, but as I thought i was okay, he was there. he started to undress me until my boyfriend barged in and knees him right in the head, grabs my hand and runs off. At this point I woke. Really confused on why i dreamt this.

Side note : I am not aware of my ex's real life statues since it has been years since I've spoken to them.

Help to understand is very much appreciated

kind regards B.D
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Part Time Dreamer
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