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Very interesting and vivid dream. What does it all mean?

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Very interesting and vivid dream. What does it all mean?

Postby soccerplayer » Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:57 pm

The dream I had three days ago was very strange and I really want to know what it means. First, let me tell you about myself and what I think may have influenced my dream. I am a 13 year old girl in 8th grade. Most often I don't remember my dreams because I'm such a deep sleeper, but when I do remember, they are very vivid. While I was in the dream, I thought it was real life, even though the events in there were highly unrealistic. I think that this is the first time that I continue the dream the second night in a row. Here's what I remember: I had just finished soccer practice, when I saw my friends, Gracie and Rhea. (The soccer practice was probably because I had practice the day I had this dream, even though it was a slightly modified version of the park where I play soccer.) In real life, I don't know Rhea very well, but in my dream I felt closer to her. I am very close friends with Gracie in both real life and the dream. I have never noticed this before in a dream, but the whole dream seemed to be in blue and green lighting. Anyways, I walk towards a forest with Gracie and Rhea, and it looks similar to the park where I play soccer- a small hill, then a mass of barren tall trees. When we get over the "small hill", it reveals itself to be a large drop off, but not too steep that we couldn't climb down it. In real life, my family and I went to France a few weeks ago for spring break. There we visited a small French village, that was in my opinion a little creepy just because it was so empty. We went hiking in a hilly and rocky area near that village, and the terrain in my dream looked very similar to that path, except with the weird blue-green lighting. In the dream, it seemed like the path went down really far, just as it did in real life, except this one looked farther, and there was a small stream that we followed, instead of a path. Gracie, Rhea, and I hiking down the mountain for a very long time,but we didn't get tired at all. As usual, Gracie and Rhea were having their own conversation, and I just zone out, just like we do in real life. Then we met Abby and Pamela in the forest. In the dream I thought that this was a strange place to meet us, but since it looked like my friends were expecting to see each other there, I didn't question them. Pamela is one of my best friends, and I don't know Abby very well. We all walked in the woods for awhile, all together. This is where it gets interesting, and the part that I'm wondering the most about. Somehow Abby accidentally stepped over a very steep edge, right next to a narrow but very tall waterfall. I had not noticed it before that point in the dream. The waterfall was so tall that we couldn't see the bottom. The mist only allowed us to see about 20 feet down the cliff/waterfall area, but we could still tell that it was probably almost a mile to the bottom. The water came from the same small stream that we were following, so the waterfall was only trickling a little bit of water. Abby and I were like in that position where one person grabs the other's hands, trying to keep them from falling. Almost every action movie has this science, so that's probably a sign that I watch too many action movies. Suprisly, everyone else just stands there watching me struggle to save her. Abby has a blank expression on her face, then suddenly lets go of my hands. I watched her disappear into the mist and fall to her death. She fell as if she was attached to a cord, not the speed of gravity. I just stood there in shock for a bit, while my friends didn't react at all. When I wrapped my head around how she just died, I started to panic and get depressed. I wondered if she was suicidal, since she just let go like that. I saw that Pamela did not show any signs of sadness. This shocked me the most, since she and Abby are such close friends. I repeatedly asked her "why aren't you sad? Why aren't you sad!?." She did not answer me. Ok, this next part is definetly going to be the creepiest part of my dream. At this point, it is only me, Gracie, and Rhea walking together. I don't remember what happened to Pamela, and Abby died. Unlike real life, we eventually did reach the bottom of the very long, steep hill. When I was hiking in France, my dad had to go to the bathroom really bad, and there was still about 2 hours of walking to get to the bottom, so we gave up. There was no more forest, and the area looked similar to the other side of the park where I play soccer. We walked down to an abandoned orphanage/school that was supposed to be turned into a theme park or haunted house, except apparently it was actually haunted. In the dream, I didn't think much of it, but now I realize this would be really scary. When we went to buy tickets, Rhea said "Oh, I've been here before. It's not that scary." Inside one of the rooms were a dead boy, a dead girl, and a creepy doll that came to life and were flying around the room. They hissed at us, and their eyes all glowed neon green. The next part of my dream is the last part. At this point, it's just me and Gracie. We went to a hotel that was located on the mountains. There was a beautiful view. The hotel was not well kept and very unsanitary. It was actually just a bunch of cots lined up in a big hall. I saw some boys I know from school and religious ed class there. This is when I woke up, and when I went back to sleep 10 hours later, I was back in the same hotel with Gracie. The End! Please help me interpret my dream! Let me know if you've had any of these events happen in your dreams. Also, I don't hate Abby, she can just be a little annoying sometimes, but I definetly don't want her to die. Thank you! :)
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