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Time Travel Dream HELP ME

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Time Travel Dream HELP ME

Postby serratosalex20 » Thu Apr 20, 2017 11:40 am

So I had a very vivid dream last night and it's been bothering me to find the meaning. Maybe it's nothing. Just a dream but I don't know.
In the dream I was in the past, seemed like the 1940's = 1960's. Cars were not invented yet I don't think. The setting was a place like New York or London. Big buildings all around. I was in what seemed to be a hotel or something like that. I was running from someone and trying to keep them from finding me. In the dream I was travelling with two people. Another male and a female. She wasn't my girlfriend but we had some sort of intimate connection. The male seemed like an acquaintance. All three of us were hiding from a certain entity. Not sure whom but I keep picturing men in black every time I think about it. Didn't see them in the dream though. At least I don't remember if I did or not.

My companions and I run to an old elevator but the door closes before I could get in. They both made it in. I had no idea where I was or where I was going but I got on the next elevator available. There were people getting in and out of elevators. Felt like some sort of action thriller movie or something because of the suspense of being chased and found. I take the elevator down and end up in a courtyard, not quite to the bottom of the hotel or whatever the place was. I see some sort of old guy that seemed to be a scientist. Reminded me of Einstein. Next to him was a younger male which seemed to be his apprentice. They were testing out some sort of vehicle that was floating in mid-air. The vehicle looked like a small go-cart with small wings but not tires. There were brass pipes going in and out of it and small gases would blow out of it in small intervals. The machine seemed to have trouble balancing itself in mid air but was still afloat.

The scientist guy and I had a whole conversation. Can't remember most of it but I do remember telling that I am from the future. I told him that I come from the year 2017 and told him that we don't have flying cars yet. I mentioned that his invention might help many people in the future and perhaps I could share it with the world so that we can help build things like flying cars. In my mind I was thinking that it would go to waste if a company found it and tried to monetize this grand invention. Him and I jumped on the vehicle and just floated on it for a few minutes. He then told me that he would bury it in a place called Carmen de Demona in Norway so that I could find it when I go back to my time.

No idea what that means or if that place even exists. I then said thank you and ran back to the elevator and proceeded to take it down. I found myself in what seemed to be a lobby or big hallway and found my companions there waiting for me. The woman gave me a hug as if very happy to see me and relieved. We then on another elevator and took it down. Guessing it was to the main lobby in order to leave the hotel/building. I woke up before I got there.

I am sure there was a lot more to the dream but this is all I remember vividly.
Any thoughts anyone???
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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