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Dreams About a New House

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Dreams About a New House

Postby Lady Daffodil » Thu Apr 20, 2017 9:03 am

I occasionally dream about having just moved into a new house. Although I never wake up with a totally clear vision of the house, I can remember little things about them. It's never the same dream (or house) twice. Not really asking for an interpretation here, because I think the dreams come as a result of my wanting to some day move to another house because, although our house is OK, my hubby and I have lived there for almost 37 years and I'm bored with the same 4 walls and the same views out the windows! :bored: It's always a nice brand new house with lots of windows to let the light in, and a pleasant view, and the dreams always feel so real and I think, "Wow, we finally have a nice new house, and it's not a dream this time!" :excited: Of course, I'm disappointed when I wake up and find it WAS a dream. :( But the dreams always leave me with a nice feeling the whole next day. I just had one the night before Easter that my husband and I moved into a nice, rather large, house in a nearby town (of course the town didn't look like it actually does); it had lots of windows and spacious rooms like I love, and a beautiful yard and a lovely view out of every window. We had a lot of people over for a meal (maybe a housewarming party) and it was so much fun, and it made me feel good all the next day everything I thought of it! :heartpump: Just wanted to share this with y'all! :)
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