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Attack on a bus

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Attack on a bus

Postby ViperEnigma » Tue Apr 18, 2017 7:32 am

I was in a bus with a family member and people I don't know. The bus stopped and a guy got in the bus with a shotgun, demanding everyone to hand over their possessions. When he got to me(The last person), I didn't have anything so he pointed the gun at me. He then heard the sound of police sirens and turned around but before he existed the bus he took out a pistol and shot the person sitting in front of me. He proceeded to grab a woman and take her as a hostage. I looked outside the window and saw him preparing to shoot the bus with the shotgun. He shot the bus a few times and I managed to jump out of the way each time but the last shot got me in the leg. I walked to my ex's house with the help of that family member in the bus. I knocked on the door, they asked who it was but I didn't answer. My ex's mom answered the door she saw it was me and wanted to slam the door closed. I stopped her from doing so and said we needed help. Seeing the blood on my leg she agreed to help.

I saw someone else in the house and couldn't control myself. I started attacking that person to near death. I stopped and decided to go get help by a different house. Not long after I was healed, the police was after me and I was on the run(The police was called by the family member that was with me)
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Re: Attack on a bus

Postby Varzandeh » Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:10 am

A bus means a work place, white means honesty.
Shooting means sending messages.
A woman will keep away from a sin.
Your leg means your money, bleeding means losing some money by a message.

You knocked at their door means you will ask them for something ,
They will accept.

approximate interpretation time table: Dreams at noon or exactly at midnight( In the summer time 13 at noon and 1 midnight else at 12)in the same day if past a few minutes, a few days later. Dreams at 10-11 in the morning in 15-30 days later. Also dreams at 3-4 in the evening in 1-2 months .Dreams in the sunset mostly are not truthful and are messed, they have no interpretations, Dreams at 4-5 in the morning in a few days to 2 months some dreams in the holy books( Josef dream of kneeling the sun and the moon and 11 stars)was interpreted after 20 years and other dreams of the Pharaoh's prisoners interpreted in the same day and after 7 years. Dream of Pharaoh about the 7 thin cows and 7 fat cows interpreted from the next year to 14 years. Also dreams in 6th of the month will interpret after 1-2 days, in 9th at the same day, in 10th after 20 days, in 13th after 9 days in 14th after 26 days and in 15th after 3 days, in 16th after 2 days and in 28th ,29th ,30th in the same day, but these are solar (Persian months and you should refer to a calendar or convert them) . Of course there are different kinds of dreams , like messy dreams which have no interpretations or deja vu dreams, or psychological dreams or dreams which are caused by bad food or drinks
For more information about the dream language symbols , please see the Dream Dictionary in the www.dreamsfact.com .
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