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Girl of Porcelain.

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Girl of Porcelain.

Postby BandagedDemon01 » Tue Apr 18, 2017 5:32 am

Over a period of time I would at least have 3-4 dreams a night. Only one I can every remember by the time I have fully woken up. This one was so weird, not as weird as the last post I did(It felt so real it made me feel sick), but still weird enough.
Sorry if my dreams are long.

Dream Realm: Sees a giant building standing before me, me among forty-nine others waiting to step inside. We were going on a school trip and was asked kindly to attend. "What could this all about" I heard many say. I just stared at the massive doors

The doors opened and this tiny woman stepped out. "You must be class thirty-b" walks right to the top of the stairs and looks over us. "Welcome and please step inside." She gestured for us to come in. A tall man in a white suit walks up to her, whispers into her ear, she stared back at us for a moment, smiled slightly "Oh I see." Kept walking until we get to the massive lobby. As we all gathered together the woman had buggered off and we were left with the tall man "Welcome all, I am Sven you humble host of Arklight Tower. Today we will ask you to work in pairs, each in which will have a female and a male. You were all given a number. Communication is key when working in a team, so why don't we communicate and find our partners.

Looking down at my note I had the number seven. Seeing some have paired up I looks over to this boy, he too looked rather puzzled. I saw on his lips that he was muttering the number seven. I shyly walked over to him "Excuse me, but are you number seven?" Tilts head and waits for a response.

He straighten up to posture "Yes, are you?" Not sure how he felt, he had a blank expression. Had to tell if he was pleased or not.
"Yes I am." Smiles "So now we have paired up, wonder what is next" Pulls out my tiny notebook and slips in the sheet into a pocket sleeve. "Seems we are all paired up" People were in pairs, some seemed happy with the results, other neutral grounds and others not so fond. Already we could see different results that came out of this.

Sven waves his left hand "Now we have all been paired it's obvious from this this that you don't click as a class. Well hopefully by the end you will be best of buds" A grin forms on his face. "Now you are all probably wondering why are we here?" Leans down to stare a girl right in the eyes. "Simply to bond." Straightens up and chuckles "There are rumours that this place isn't what it seems, that is holds a bit of mystery. Maybe it is true, maybe it isn't" Begins to walk off "Enjoy your time. you have to bond for twelve hours, good luck and hope you make it" *A deep chuckle escapes his lips one more before he disappears.

I looked to the boy I was paired with, noticed he had already started to wonder about the place. "Wait up!" Runs over to him "I'm sorry, but as the guy said, we have to hangout for twelve hours." Thinks for a moment, "I am Mala, lovely to meet you" Smiles at him.

The boy fixed up his glasses "Ren" Finds an elevator and goes inside, pulling me in "I am curious about the place. My grandfather told me stories and I want to see if they are true" The level on the screen said ninth floor. "Here is a library" Ren goes to the furthest table in the room sits down "After the sixth hour weird things happen,people start vanishing and ones known as the "Special one" Shall rise and hunt the rest down." Ren Looks around as he spoke then stares right at me. "And you probably wonder why I came knowing this. Well those whom don't attend, bad things happen to them and their family and not only that, the partner of this twisted game suffers. SO in the case it would've been you."

I heard voices "Mhmm." I rushed through the bookshelves until I open twin wooden doors, at the front of the room a woman shrouded in black was talking to a group. Her eyes connected with mine "Seems our subject could hear us talking about her."

"Subject, who you calling subject?" Ren grabs my shoulder and whispers "Ease up, you don't know who you are dealing with." I shrugged his hand off me. "I don't care." Marches out of the room.

I lays on the library's couch,arms crossed and staring at the stain glass window. Ren sat down "You need to rest. I'll keep watch" I sat up and snuggled up to him, my eyes shutting. Whispers echoing in my head. Ren shrugged me awake. "Mala wake up. sixth hour is upon us!" I opens my eyes and jumps up "What?"

Ren rushed out of the room. I followed and found myself alone in a hallway with many doors. I noticed movement behind a door. it opened and a crazed looking boy pops out "Found you" Reached for me. "Get away!"

Turns to run and the man in white grabs my wrists, his face close to mine "Beautiful, such fear, tightens his grip "Ah I see the fear, it grows" music begins to play, he begins to waltz with me, dancing me towards a giant crystal door, inside was the lady from before some of her henchmen and at the alter stood Ren. "Subject is here." Danced me into the room and then tripped me so I was on my knees.

Ren walks down to where I was knelt. “Brilliant, you will be used for the special one…or more like she’ll be reborn in you.” Lifts my chin “Beautiful, isn’t it?”

“No, more like it’s stupid” I smack his hand away, standing up. “I’m out.” Turns to walk away but the man in white pins me to the wall “You aren’t going anywhere” Strokes my cheek and licks my neck slowly “Mhmm, how you taste so sweet.” I kicked the guy and ran towards the alter, looking down at the notes, realising something, with a grin “I see, well if you excuse me” without any of them realising I took a knife from the table and hurried out. “Library…”

Gets out and into the library “There must be somewhere I can hide…somewhere I could” Stares down at the knife. “I am sorry” Gazes up at the stain glass. “They will not get me…” Draw the knife up but a hand stops me

“Can’t have you doing that” Ren held the knife “You die then this horror repeats till we can complete it.” Leans down “Innocent people would have died for no reason.” He kisses my cheek “You will lead our people into darkness. You will be beautiful my lady” I felt s a hit to the head and blacked out.

Woke to find myself tied to the alter, people chanting and the corpse of a beautiful girl, her skin pale, she looks like a porcelain doll. With the chanting, I saw a dark mist rise from the body and towards me. Ren gazes down at the girl then to me “You will rise again.” Raises the knife as the mist gets close to me, it crept over my body and seeped into me. Ren plunged the knife into my chest.

“This morning you were living as Mala, but know you rise as Lady Jamilia Rosenstein.” I opened my eyes, the man in white greeted me “My lady” I stared at him “I live on and so all will fall”

I woke up.

So if anyone can help decipher the meaning, all help is welcomed and appreciated.

Kind Regards B.D
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Part Time Dreamer
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