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Postby dreamondreamer777 » Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:30 am

Good day!

I am new to this forum, I have had a couple series of dreams for the past few months now and I am struggling to fall asleep.

Ok let me first give you background of myself.

I am currently 23 years old living in South Africa, I work for a transportation company and I have recently moved from JHB to Durban with the company, I am living with my girlfriend (19).

These dreams repeat themselves.

Ok let’s start.

1. I have a dream where I am walking home from a shop and I see people casing after me, as soon as I want to start running it’s like my body doesn't want to move and I am stuck in slow motion, it feels like this goes on for approx. 10mins, eventually I will be caught up to and they would pull a gun on me, i would be screaming but nothing would come out, once the bullet hits my head I can feel a sharp pain and everything goes fuzzy and I wake up crying.

2. I have a dream where I stand on the twin towers (No idea why that building), I stand at the edge and I keep looking down I hear a voice calling me and I jump off the building, this dream has two versions, I either hit the ground and then I wake up in bed short of breath, or I Hit the ground and I’m kind of paralyzed but I can scream, I lay there screaming in pain and people walk past like they don't see me, eventually I can feel the pain becoming too much and I wake up.

3. I have a dream where I dive into a pool, as I dive in everything is ok, as soon as I open my eyes in the water I can’t seem to find the top or bottom of the pool and it’s like I’m in the middle of the ocean with just water around me, I keep on struggling and I can feel I’m struggling to breath, my head starts paining, just before I drown completely I wake up

4. I have a dream where I am in my bedroom sleeping, I wake up in my dream and it is dead quite, the walls all turn into like clay and they start caving in on me from all four sides, I try to run through the house to escape but the one door doesn't want to open, all the walls start slowly pushing up against me and I wake up.

5. I have a dream (This one is very weird and seems to happen a lot), I wake up as normal in my dream and go about, I am surprisingly very happy, I get undressed to get into the shower but I notice I have boobs... it’s like it’s weird for me to know I am another gender but in my dream I go on as if I was born a female, I shower and get ready, I wear jeans, a nice pair of boots, a long sleeve jersey and I do my makeup and hair, I go out and I meet up with friends ( I have never met them in real life) basically the day goes by and I go to bed and sleep, when I go to sleep is when I will wake up in real life.

6. I have a dream where I am walking and I get called to a side by a man and lady, they welcome me into their home and they then tie me up, the come out with jars of various body parts, They then inject me with something and I can’t feel anything, they start cutting me up and sewing new ears and lips an changing my hair and basically turning me into someone else, at the end I heal up very fast but before I can see what I look like I wake up, Another version they have changed my gender, I am released and no one knows me but at the end I feel happy and start a new life.

7. This one I am at a part on a double story building, kind of falls in place with the twin towers, I stand on a balcony and I get pushed over, I fall down and I can’t move in pain, people would laugh and keep on moving stepping on me as they walk.

8. I have a dream where I am meeting up with my girlfriend at a festival, I see her in the distance with another guy, when I get closer she won’t talk to me and leaves with the guy and continues like I’m crazy and she’s not doing anything wrong, she kisses him in front of me and I’m left heartbroken.

9. I dream I am sleeping but my spirit is hovering over my body, I start walking around as a Ghost, I end up in a girl’s room, she is also hovering over her body, she sees me and we start talking when she has the Idea that we change bodies for a day, I let her follow me to my body and she falls in, when I get to her body I try to fall in and take over but it doesn’t want to work, another version I get it right and as soon as I hit in her body I wake up.

These are all repeating dreams over and over, some I have had for a few years and some a few months, these are the only dreams I know of.

I know it’s very weird but I need someone to try tell me what these mean.
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Postby Superman1 » Tue Mar 21, 2017 8:34 pm

The past few months have you been struggling with these issues, in some context?

1. Fear of people hurting you.

2. Built up relationships or your desire for them on the edge of being destroyed.
The reality is on the bottom that people don't see you and it's painful.

3. Maybe overwhelmed by this emotion or the aloneness.

4. The walls between you and others are caving in on you from all sides. No way out.

5. The surprise of happiness could come from the feminine quality of the heart and would cleanse you. If you could wake up to this.

6. But you are tied up, both sides of you. Feel like you're taken apart, not joined, numb, cut up.
Maybe you want to hear and speak differently, turn into someone else, or feel you have to be someone else.
If you change in the way of talking, being social, relationships, compassion, which the feminine can also symbolize, it will make you happy to start a new life.

7. Fear of what can happen with others pushing you down and walking over you, mocking you.

8. Might be your resulting heartbreak, of again not joining with the feminine side that means love.

9. Again becoming that feminine aspect that doesn't seem to work, so it's like you are dead but want to rise above it and be free.
Or that you have not made real or woken up to it properly, or feel unable to.
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