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chase, night terror, and two+ gun dreams in 2 nights

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chase, night terror, and two+ gun dreams in 2 nights

Postby ttjyl1 » Sun Mar 19, 2017 9:56 am

I don't normally remember dreams let alone remember multiple dreams per night. I can remember multiple dreams, but I smoke alot if u kno I'm saiyen..

recent background:

0. I have had occasional brief night terrors usually involving a spider of something squirming under the covers. I usually end up running clumsily to the light-switch or try to contain the creature under the blanket...lol

1. I am living with my girlfriend of 3 years. we've lived together for 2 years and it's my first relationship to go this far.
we have our issues and are young and trying to obtain success. Probably a source of unconscious.. or conscious stress.

2.We just signed a lease and moved in with a new room mate who we don't know that intimately. Though we get along and I have no negative presumption, It's possible the room mate and I clash sometimes as we are similar with our trust issues of getting screwed over so we clash passive aggressively sometimes. a little stressful

3. I've been unemployed for awhile because of my own depression or self doubt laziness etc. I have an interview this week and i am equally excited as I am nervous.

4. combining number 1 and 3, being unemployed if my girlfriend and i part ways I could end up homeless. definitely a source of stress. I have had a couple of dreams about it in the recent past.

5. my relationship with my parents is not as great as it could be and is kind of on the back burner.

6. Unfortunately several days ago I was in jail for a night for a failure to appear for driving w/o insurance charge. I definitely hate jail and never want to end up in there not even for a day .

So obviously there is some coalescence of stress that could contribute to wild dreams.
Here are the dreams that I have had in the past two nights (interpretation would be nice):

DAY ONE: the beginning .. lol

So night one I was sick with allergies or some bizarre 24 hour mutant cold caught in jail ughh. I took some nyquil and passed out. I had a dream that I was being chased. I believe this is actually a repeat of a previous dream. In this version I was running from a dark figure, most likely male. EDIT: A couple of times I think I saw them and myself in third person. The figure seemed a little eccentric in their body movements like they were cracked out or inhuman somehow. It felt like I was in the movie "Hostel", or perhaps an episode of "it's always sunny" ;p.

The beginning is not clear, but I was running through a dark metro/city environment, I took out my phone battery to prevent myself from being tracked? Not sure if it was lack of clear thought or a necessary decision. I also had a gun but for some reason was hesitant to use it. I kept running a little ahead and finding a hiding spot. The attacker would then find me and I would then decide to get the gun but feel rushed or something and run again. I remember running into a windmill, running up the spiraling stairs and preparing to jump back down as the attacker was closing in more at this point no time to hide. In the previous version of this dream perhaps years ago, I knocked down a couple of sacks of flour to cushion my fall. In this recent dream, There were none and I considered my failure to make the dream comparison earlier at the top deciding whether to jump. Don't remember what happened after this point. Whether I was confronted or what.

DAY TWO: the second night:

So I woke up thinking something touched my leg or my butt or something, I then realized that it was a critter squirming under the covers. I woke up and pushed down on the covers to contain it while I yelled for my girlfriend to turn on the light. Of course all of you with night terror or nightmare experience- you may have guessed that the creature managed to get away somehow... ;p

I went back to sleep and then I had one or even two more dreams that contained a Gun. I was at wal-mart I think. For some reason I felt threatened, I don't remember most of this dream except I eventually popped off several shots accurately into a woman outside the store. They stopped there malicious behavior and appeared unscathed as well. The police showed up and I was already on the ground with the gun next to me and hands up. I cooperated with the police as I was terrified of going to jail for one. I really wanted to hit it home that I was remorseful though it was self-defense. That's all I remember.

DAY TWO: the second day: part II: the second gun:

I found out that someone had been kidnapped. I don't remember who it was. I knew the kidnapper. I think it was my stepmom's family or they were at least present. My dad was also there. For some reason they were at my biological mom's house.

I knew they didn't think I could have found out yet, so I crept up to the front door and Hid the gun in the back of my waist band as to prevent an "8-mile" scenario of shooting my crotch. In real life the crouching would have probably been suspicious. So anyway the plan worked I got in and acted normal. I kept my back turned as to not let them see any bulge in my shirt.

The gun almost fell out a couple of times and I had to fix it super obviously but undetected.
Then, I think I finally pulled it out and shot the attacker who I believe was male.

that's it, hope you enjoyed and or have an interpretation for me- thanks. :drumming:
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