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what do my dreams mean?

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what do my dreams mean?

Postby ccaroline » Sat Mar 18, 2017 12:50 pm

so i had this dream a few nights ago where i went out to the movies with my two best friends and we were dressed up pretty nice for the movies like as if we were going to party. as we walked into the theater the screen was blank never showing a movie or anything which is the first confusing thing. then i see a guy, and not just any guy a guy that literally is my dream man. I have seen a guy like this before too a couple of weeks ago- not the same guy but a guy who resembles my dream guy- and that dream was that i had a huge banger at my house. I mean everyone from school was there and everything even people i hated. And there i was in my bathroom the seemed to have fit like 30-20 people from the party in it which in real life it can't, then i start yelling at people in my shower for using my soap(lol ??? what?) then is see him. no clothes on with just a white towel around his v-line talking to his buddies who seem to be people that i actually knew from school beside him. he comes up to be in his godly form with literally beads of water dripping of him and talks to me in such a sexy husky voice walks away and then i wake up. Cut to my current dream the other night where i see a guy like that although he is clothed to my disappointment lmfao but same husky voice i heard. So i see him in the movie theater looking all sexy in his leather jacket, blue v-neck clinging to his pecs, dark jeans and sneaker very much like what i am wearing, a leather jacker, tank top showing off way to much dark jeans and boots. some how then my phone gets pulled away from me across the theater and i run to get h=it knowing that the guy will run after me be much faster and catch my phone before i do. well i had happen to fall on the floor and then he straddled me my phone now no where to be seen and feel so turned on by him but so not at the same time. Now cut to my latest dream last night where i was in the movies again, the screen blank, with my friends again but the guy wasn't there. There was this other guy, completely not my type so i end up leaving during the movie with my phone on the chair not intending on going back. the guy comes out with my phone telling me he will not give it back until i do some ridiculous favor for him which i had forgotten when i woken up today. These 'dream guys' have been showing up in almost every one of my dream and i do not know why. if anyone wants to figure out whats happening to me please do tell.
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DM Lurker
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