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4 dreams?

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4 dreams?

Postby Exo » Sat Mar 18, 2017 6:30 am

I was at school and it seemed that my locker was on the same wall as the classroom I was supposed to be attending. I couldn't get my locker to open (which is a common trend in my dreams) and I worried about it so I asked my teacher if I could get something out of my locker which I thought gave me extra time. I finally opened it with a combination I can't remember and I went to class. As soon as I got there the teacher (a teacher I have who I really hate) threw a pile of papers at me and one shoe and told me to pass them out to the owners. I tried the shoes first but I couldn't figure out what the names on the shoe said.

Someone, a kid I know named Colton, whispered to his friend and told him it was Carsen’s (I remember it being spelled that way on the shoe). I didn't know any Besides the one who moved away. I went back to the other shoe and I just threw it somewhere so I didn't have to worry about it. I asked this helper teacher what these names said on the papers but she wasn't sure. She told me to put a paper in the laundry basket (there were laundry baskets with papers in them) where the teacher was. So I did. The teacher yelled at me and the helper teacher just acted like she wasn't part of it. The bell rang and it was back to the locker situation.

Next dream I had was at this weird place. I think it was a shark themed obstacle course. It was a kind like in many video games called a deathrun. A person pressed a button and that made the obstacle activate. My dad, mom, little sister, older sister, and I were trying to get past the obstacles and reach the end. I remember my dad and I being very good at it, but I remember later having to push my stubborn little sister through. I remember being able to go back through where the buttons were and press them. I wasn't any good, but I tried. Then I remembered having to run and that was about it.

I don't know if any of these dreams are connected or not, but here's the next one. I was in this forest area and I don't know what was happening. I think I was either running or playing a game.

Next dream. I was with my friend and she told me she was going to this gas station for the day. I told her I'd go to, but when I got there it was really crappy and run down. I wanted my mom to pick me up so I could go to a bigger city. I waited for her and there was this truck filled high with something. I think it was some sort of cheap snack. I went inside and there were two tiny signs. One said the store name which I forgot and one said a derogatory term which was apparently her name. I asked someone if the store sign was the name and they said yes. I woke up after that.
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Re: 4 dreams?

Postby Solane23 » Mon Mar 20, 2017 8:28 am

Dreams are most of the time part of our subconscious mind. The things that we long for, want to and goals that were not met. Just like how the dreams where interpreted at how to write a good dissertation, which are very concise and meaningful.
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