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Just my feelings or something more?

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Just my feelings or something more?

Postby carlyml » Fri Mar 17, 2017 10:21 pm

There's this guy I started liking but he has a position where we can't be openly together so when we flirt its kind of on the downlow in the dream we are cooking or doing things around the kitchen and we touch hands or maybe brushshoulders and such and talk until one moment we come face to face and start talking until our mouth are inches apart but then he pulls apart and distance himself while pushing lightly my shoulders, I immediately turn over the counter and keep talking like nothing happened and he the tries to hold my hand keeping up the flirting

Could this be representing what its going on between us or how I feel? Or maybe something more? Pleasee someone tell me what you think the dream could mean.

Ps (i was not thinking about him while falling asleep and still have been dreaming about him for a while now)
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Re: Something More?

Postby Superman1 » Wed Mar 22, 2017 8:50 pm

On the face of it it looks like just what you said: Wanting to be together but unable, as you get so close you almost touch, but then he pushes you away due to his position.
But you want to ignore this restriction or go beyond it.

It could illustrate your thoughts about such a relationship.
Or, as you also had the Hide The Stone Dream, this dream too could be about wanting that assertive control or confidence which you are attracted to on the other side of you, represented by the man you like.
The handling and responsibility, and the expression of it, or affection, that maybe you push away and even ignore, though you still want it. :dancing:
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