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Hide the stone

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Hide the stone

Postby carlyml » Fri Mar 17, 2017 10:15 pm

The drams starts me being late for meeting up with a group at a house from where we will leave to another place for the weekend, my sisters go on ahead and my mom tells me to go there with my car because its near by and later she'll pick up the car. The dream turns a little weird and random stuff happens, the whole group starts talking about a special stone. I end up in the room of a old lady which hands me a green and yellow stone in a triangle with a black thread and tells me to tie it around my ankle because when people start asking they'll look at my hands and pockets but rarely to my ankles speacilly if I cover it with my pants. I go back to the house where everyone is and start being questioned. I have vague memories of what happens next just that I'm running from everyone because it turns out that the stone controls people and thats why they want it, in the end I'm betrayed by the old lady who tells everyone where I am.

What could the dream mean?
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Dream Child
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Re: Hide the Control

Postby Superman1 » Wed Mar 22, 2017 8:46 pm

Looks like wanting control, with people, as you are late in meeting them or joining them in a sense, so want to get ahead of it so you can enjoy them.
The motivation for this will lead to a better connection like your mom might symbolize, who loves you.

But the reality might be weird,, random, or you are not in control.
You might want even sides, all sides equal, to grow in that will make you happy.
The control will come from moving forward in this way, but maybe you hide yourself a bit too much.
But they can't take this control from you, which might be your fear.

Maybe you question yourself, so doubt turns to fear.
So this, your old self, will betray you.
Until you learn control. Though of course you can't control others, just you.
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