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Curly haired boy

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Curly haired boy

Postby Exo » Fri Mar 17, 2017 6:19 pm

My dream took place in a building that seemed to be either a school or a hospital, I honestly don't remember very well. I was there with my older sister who is 17 and her friends were there. Her friends were people I have never met, nor has she ever met, which is weird. They were coming over to our house for sleepover, so suddenly we were there. We, myself and her friends (sister wasn't there for some reason), were all spread out on this narrow yet long couch. I lay down between these two people (I think 4/5 of the friends were guys.) and I fell asleep.

The guy closest to me started complaining how cramped we all were so I volunteered to just lay on the floor so I could go to sleep. Somehow, that made it 10x better, even though I was the smallest and youngest. A guy joined me on the floor and lay down across from me. Our feet touched and we played footsies for some odd reason. He was cute, he had short, dark, curly hair and seemed to have a boyish look about him. He was around my sisters age. I was younger. I noted him to be of some sort of Hispanic origin (his skin was light, but his features told me). We slept. I woke up in my dream and I was spooning a guy... I also remember feeling scared of becoming 'hard' (I'm a female, so that made it 10x weirder). I went back down and laid down in two beanbags.

The next morning (in dream land) I was back at that weird place. I was sitting in this area where there was two steps that led down to this room. I sat on these steps with a bunch of other people and my sister. I saw the guy from last night again and he was smiling and happy. My sister told me they were staying over on Sunday and I was going to ask if he was too (I remember feeling shy about asking, which seems natural to my real self), but she disappeared and I remember walking outside and it was sunny. I felt excited and it ended. I woke up feeling happy and excited too.
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