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Queen, Queen's sister with mustacheand painting of the gates

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Queen, Queen's sister with mustacheand painting of the gates

Postby FeelingSafe » Fri Mar 17, 2017 12:25 am

I saw that I wanted to paint the gate doors of my house. I was supposed to be a queen even though I was no different than I usually am (clothes or appearance or time). Two men were instructing me how to do it. I was holding a brush and I was just using water to practice. I noticed some dust while doing it. They said that I would need help because I have a busy life and did not have a lot of time to do it. I was looking at the gate doors and I thought that they were't big and I could paint them on my own. I could finish in a couple of hours. The color I wanted to paint them was dark blue. Navy blue I guess. The present color is grey and I wanted to refresh it with the blue. Then I was told that my sister who was also Queen (but I was in charge) would not help cause she thought qeens do not do this kind of things. I told them to tell her to come. I saw her coming down from the stairs to me. She was wearing a dress of old age (victorian I guess). She also had a mustache. I did not comment her mustache even though I've noticed it. I told her to paint with me the door gates and work is not a shame. It doesn't matter if we are queens or not. She said that the reason she was not helping was because the gates are wet cause it rained and need to dry first. I looked at them and she was right, they were wet, but I did not admit it and said maybe we can put the primer first. Somehow I wanted her to stay just in case she was trying to find excuses. I also feel that I was in a hurry to start. Someone has already put blue paint on them but it was unfinished and I was asking who did it. I think it was a child. A boy... That's all I remember even though the dream did not finish there.
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