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my dreams that warned me about death

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my dreams that warned me about death

Postby Sannaap » Thu Mar 16, 2017 6:25 pm

So I had a few dream of the world ending and as I gathered my family to take them to a safe place I found myself frantically looking for my older brother to take him with us when we all finally make it to a safe place my a big wave comes and takes my little brother away and I try so hard to save him and I can't my other dreams are similar end of the world scenario but in my dreams my little brothers family are in my dreams and although I'm very close to my little brother i do not have a good relationship with his father or his family and we do not comunĂ­cate .....sadly my little brother just passed away very unexpected and I am wondering why before it happened I kept having all those dreams it's not the first time I dream of things or people and have things happen ....I am actually worried because I am now having dreams of being in car accident or seeing car accidents and last night I had a dream of being cought in a storm while hosting a party but I had a very uneasy feeling in my dream and I've had that same feeling all day
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