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Swiming away from albino diamond python

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Swiming away from albino diamond python

Postby awals » Thu Mar 16, 2017 4:15 pm

Hi. So I was at the Sunshine Coast with a dream friend or two. The city was extremely modern and spacious. There appeared a man made beach with the edge being one step in with the water level unknown. The step made of a common grey speckled bricks with newer houses. I walk along it looking for a good place to enter the water. After a long walk the brick turns to a natural sand. There is more people there some I knew from high school. The atmosphere is overall friendly. not long into the water is a smallish round sand island. I enter the water and swim around there are a few others there. I start to get more slightly to the side of the island because of a current but every thing is fine. After a little while I see two albino diamond pythons half submerged in the water and their heads resting on the slop of the island. I go to stand up in the water however my foot touches a albino diamond python that I can't see and I instantly raise my feet and swim a bit to avoid being bitten. I try again futher down the current but there are more pythons under the water everywhere. My only option is to allow the current to take me to the back half of the island but I don't want to go to the back of the Island and panic. I start to swim frantically towards the island however at this point the current is to strong and I'm not getting closer to the island. So I relax and keep paddling lightly. The sand behind me, the shore line, turns to a dark brown rocky pebble an older style like in brisbane. At half way a long the side of the island I see a short small round edge on the shore line. I reach for it and climb onto it. I need to get to the island and if I dive for it I could under dive and be taken by the current again or I could over dive and hurt myself in hitting the sand. I plan to dive with my face more upwards as to hopefully avoid injury. I do this and successfully reach the island with no problems. There is a crowd still on the island, it is once again a friendly and sunny atmosphere.
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