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Getting Ran Over By Truck While Wearing a Wedding Dress

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Getting Ran Over By Truck While Wearing a Wedding Dress

Postby kingjaydex » Wed Mar 15, 2017 8:52 pm

My girlfriend has been struggling with depression for years. Recently she told me she had a vision (she wasn't necessarily but she had her eyes closed). In her dream (vision) she explained to me this. She was walking out of the woods towards the highway. It was pitch black outside and she was wearing this wedding dress. She described the dress as ripped, long, had a veil (didn't cover her face, and was dirty all over the place. She was walking slow and she hadn't realized she was in the middle of the highway and then turned her head at the last second. It was a truck and the moment it hit her she had opened her eyes and realized it was a vision.

An extra detail, she was aware in the dream that it was in fact a vision however it felt very authentic and as if it were really taking place. Any of you guys know what that means?
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Re: Getting Ran Over By Truck While Wearing a Wedding Dress

Postby Varzandeh » Thu Mar 16, 2017 12:52 am

Visions are also said in a symbolic way.
A woods means a society she is out of that.

Darkness is a symbol for misleading in the way of life.You don't know the answer for the essential questions like: Where did I come here? , ... Where am I going to? ,,, What Is the ultimate goal of this world ?... What should I do here?... Is there any pattern for true way of life? ... is it hard to do? what is the last version ?...

Dreaming of a path means searching for belief and constancy about it also true
material affairs.
If one dreamt was going in a high way means he will go in the way of belief and
God's satisfaction.

A white dress means honesty and health but dirty means sorrows and problems in the life that is natural for everyone so.

A car means a work, a truck means a big work to meet.

approximate interpretation time table: Dreams at noon or exactly at midnight( In the summer time 13 at noon and 1 midnight else at 12)in the same day if past a few minutes, a few days later. Dreams at 10-11 in the morning in 15-30 days later. Also dreams at 3-4 in the evening in 1-2 months .Dreams in the sunset mostly are not truthful and are messed, they have no interpretations, Dreams at 4-5 in the morning in a few days to 2 months some dreams in the holy books( Josef dream of kneeling the sun and the moon and 11 stars)was interpreted after 20 years and other dreams of the Pharaoh's prisoners interpreted in the same day and after 7 years. Dream of Pharaoh about the 7 thin cows and 7 fat cows interpreted from the next year to 14 years. Also dreams in 6th of the month will interpret after 1-2 days, in 9th at the same day, in 10th after 20 days, in 13th after 9 days in 14th after 26 days and in 15th after 3 days, in 16th after 2 days and in 28th ,29th ,30th in the same day, but these are solar (Persian months and you should refer to a calendar or convert them) . Of course there are different kinds of dreams , like messy dreams which have no interpretations or deja vu dreams, or psychological dreams or dreams which are caused by bad food or drinks.

Dreams are in 6 groups : one group are truthful dreams that are meaningful and predicting with symbolic metaphors based on holy books.
Another one is Deja Vu dreams that are seen as will happen.
Another group are psychological dreams as Mr. Freud and Mr. Jung said.
A group are Messy dreams that are caused by dad food or drinks and have no meaning.
A group are direct and truthful dreams about the deceased people or when saint people speak and say a news about our past or future.
A group are causative dreams that a reason like heat or cold or repeatition is caused the dream.
What I am doing is trying to introduce this kind of symbols and truthful meaningful dreams.
For more information about the dream language symbols , please see the Dream Dictionary in the www.dreamsfact.com .
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