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back to school

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back to school

Postby RBlackheart » Sun Mar 05, 2017 12:35 am

Been a while since i had a dream that i remembered very clearly haha. well here goes. sorry if there arent many details, its just from what i remember really.

The dream starts out with me back in high school. There are some people i recognize as classmates and others i don't know. I do remember thinking to myself and trying to name everyone, it was almost like a lucid dream i guess since i was aware i was dreaming and knew who was who and who was just made up. Eventually class was over and i started to look for people who were friends in high school, but the environment changed.
Everyone was still there, but it changed into a village instead of the school. All the buildings were old and worn down clay buildings instead of the original class buildings. I started to explore the buildings, forgetting my initial task about looking for my friends. I noticed everyone still had modern clothes though so it seemed strange to me. I started to explore and have fun, the scenery was gorgeous and bright, kind of like spring time.
However, when i walked past one of the buildings i saw my sister in law. in real life, i hate her for many reasons, and in my dream she showed up yelling as loud as she could "Speak English" over and over again to everyone. She has a bad habit of that in real life, causing fights and angering others because of this. I got mad, but i knew it was pointless because it was a dream so i left. I sat under a tree that was beginning to blossom because it made me feel better. Then out of nowhere an old man shows up. I thought it was strange but it didn't bother me. He had on a while suit and shoes with a yellow tie, he was very skinny, balding and had a very sharp face and long nose. He was very nice, trying to make me smile.
Then he did something very strange. He held out his hand and caught a few blossoms that fell from the tree and gave them to me. He then told me "look up and around you. The world is always new." I look up and everything was underwater, but it was still clear and bright. This was surprising, but very fun. the he said "Now let them go and watch" I let go of the blossoms and they floated to the surface, it was very relaxing to watch really.
I didn't hear what else he said to me, but it was rather interesting to have dreamt about after a long time with no dreams.
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