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School Bus?

PostPosted: Sat May 14, 2016 11:52 pm
by Deejay
I had a vivid short dream last nite and I am wondering if anyone here can interpret it for me. I don't have too many dreams I can remember but this one awoke me and I can't get the imagery out of my mind. Here goes -

I felt like I was hovering above a two lane country highway by my house moving forward in the right lane. Quickly, a school bus came up alongside of me on the left like it was passing. Suddenly, a motorcycle appeared in front of the bus driven by a local bar owner named Mark. (Mark was an acquaintance, I only saw rarely and knew of.) Mark died several years ago. The bus didn't hit him, he just stayed in front of it. The bus didn't pass me, just kept beside me whether or not I sped up or slowed down. I tried mentally to speed up and shoot ahead or slow to a stop, but the school bus stayed beside me. I was aware there were kids on the bus. I didn't see any, but I just knew there were. Nobody I knew though.

One other thing... I would look directly down and it seemed I was riding the shoulder of the highway. I wouldn't mention this, but I looked down twice and made note of it and wondered why it didn't seem rough or like I was out of control.

Thanks so much to anyone kind enough to help! :heartpump:

Re: School Bus?

PostPosted: Sun May 15, 2016 6:33 am
by Varzandeh
Hovering above a road means a travel is on the way.A path or road means searching for a right belief is on the way.
A Motorcycle means a small business by one or two people.
Dreaming a deceased person alive means something forgotten or got impossible will be OK for you.
A bus means a bigger work place with nearly 30 employees on the way. School bus if yellow means the work will be medical.

Hope this helps.

Dreams are in 6 groups : one group are truthful dreams that are meaningful and predicting with symbolic metaphors based on holy books.
Another one is Deja Vu dreams that are seen as will happen.
Another group are psychological dreams as Mr. Freud and Mr. Jung said.
A group are Messy dreams that are caused by dad food or drinks and have no meaning.
A group are direct and truthful dreams about the deceased people or when saint people speak and say a news about our past or future.
A group are causative dreams that a reason like heat or cold or repeatition is caused the dream.
What I am doing is trying to introduce this kind of symbols and truthful meaningful dreams.

approximate interpretation time table: Dreams at noon or exactly at midnight( In the summer time 13 at noon and 1 midnight else at 12)in the same day if past a few minutes, a few days later. Dreams at 10-11 in the morning in 15-30 days later. Also dreams at 3-4 in the evening in 1-2 months .Dreams in the sunset mostly are not truthful and are messed, they have no interpretations, Dreams at 4-5 in the morning in a few days to 2 months some dreams in the holy books( Josef dream of kneeling the sun and the moon and 11 stars)was interpreted after 20 years and other dreams of the Pharaoh's prisoners interpreted in the same day and after 7 years. Dream of Pharaoh about the 7 thin cows and 7 fat cows interpreted from the next year to 14 years. Also dreams in 6th of the month will interpret after 1-2 days, in 9th at the same day, in 10th after 20 days, in 13th after 9 days in 14th after 26 days and in 15th after 3 days, in 16th after 2 days and in 28th ,29th ,30th in the same day, but these are solar (Persian months and you should refer to a calendar or convert them) . Of course there are different kinds of dreams , like messy dreams which have no interpretations or deja vu dreams, or psychological dreams or dreams which are caused by bad food or drinks.

The advantages of the dreams:

1- Dreaming is a way to discover the benefits and harms of the things and understanding the true and false of the affairs that human needs and there is no other way to know them.
This is a big advantage for the dreams to know the small duties and to discover the life trials that will be achieved from God without any interference.
2- Dreaming is a way to recognize our own situation by God to know if we are prosperous or unblessed. If God satisfied with us or is angry? It is a way to believe that any good or evil deed has a reward or a torture. A dream is a good news or a warning from God very more effective than a preach or a lecture.
3- Dreaming is a way to be aware of the deceased people’s situation in the afterlife that their news is cut and there is no sign from them. It can be to compensate their lost prayers and to compensate their evil deeds. There are many storied about the dead people who have reported their tortures and pains in the afterlife.
4- Dreaming is a way to understand about the after life and its rewards also about heavens and the hell because some of them are seen in the dreams and is said: This is for the deeds which you assumed nothing bad. If you look in the holy books you’ll find it is said at that time like that.
5- Dreaming is a way to believe and to put aside the unbelieveness about the blessings or torture in the grave that can’t be seen in the apparent dead body.It is like when one dreams a happy dream and enjoys it or dreams about snakes and is afraid and so on.
6- Dreaming is a way to understand the vast and wide world of the grave that has everything like this world but more pure and more truthful than here.There is everything like eatable food and drinks, sex and gardens, also hardships and hurts.
7- Dreaming is a conscious way to believe the religions about remaining the souls after destroying the bodies because many people dream about their fathers and sons or other deceased people who say that “ I have put you some money or asks t pay his debts”that when the dreamer awakes and inspects he understands that the dead person was right.
8- Dreaming is a way to psychology to understand that the soul and spirit are separated and independent from the body .To see another body except the physical body.
9- Dreaming is a miracle ,there is a big knowledge in it .Many important and difficult philosophical matters will be solved by them without any dispute or discussion, by them the man’s heart accepts and joins the believers.
Dreaming is a way to prove that prophets and their successors knew the peoples destiny and their hidden deeds.

Re: School Bus?

PostPosted: Sun May 15, 2016 12:53 pm
by Deejay
Wow Varzandeh, that was a wonderful interpretation and certainly illuminating based on situations in my life right now. I can tell that you have some experience with this!

As far as all the rest of the information generally concerning dreams... I hope you took advantage of "copy and paste!" I'd hope that you didn't type all that out just for my benefit only! However, thank you, that was knowledge that will be helpful for many years to come. :unworthy:

Does the fact that I was conscious of "riding on the side of the road" have any significance? Or is that just inconsequential dream stuff?

I very much appreciate your input :eat:


Re: You Ride Alone, If Not Together

PostPosted: Mon May 16, 2016 1:02 am
by Superman1
Can it mean if you don't learn with others you won't get to know them and they may die to you?
The solo motivation of who you didn't know was getting ahead of you, while those learning together was always beside you, no matter how you tried to avoid it.
Plus you were hovering above this two lane highway, not really going on it in reality, which can explain being on the side, not on the main way.
The kids on the bus might mean just starting to learn. But nobody you knew seems to fit with the alone way.
Looking down twice again might indicate two, rather than one, which you made note of.

You wondered why it didn't seem rough or like you were out of control might mean it was good or beneficial in a way.
See, this could be dreams' trickiness again. And it might show wanting to get away from the pack if you view that or some as childish or immature, undeveloped. And been surprised how if you don't go the way others go, it's not that bad and you can be in control.
This could mean the solo way would make you go ahead, though you might be more unknown or feel that, though is hard to shake the crowd. Maybe you took note that someone will be beside you or you want that.

Or maybe it refers to some specific situation or opportunity.
I dunno, can you make it fit you?

Re: School Bus?

PostPosted: Mon May 16, 2016 6:22 am
by Deejay
Thanks Superman! Much to think about in your words . "ALONE" seems to resonate with me more right now

Re: School Bus?

PostPosted: Tue May 17, 2016 5:21 am
by alexau
ooooo very interseting

Re: School Bus?

PostPosted: Fri Jan 06, 2017 2:11 pm
by Sheena
You are trying to get out of going for education. This puts you on an individual path, but one you feel is illegitimate possibly futile.

Re: Spam Bus?

PostPosted: Fri Jan 06, 2017 5:41 pm
by Superman1
Nice Segway, Geris. What school taught you that and to do an 8-month-delayed response?
If you and your team need pennies, why not do it one of the appropriate ways "in the workforce?"

Re: Spam Bus?

PostPosted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 1:39 pm
by Sheena
Superman1 wrote:Nice Segway, Geris. What school taught you that and to do an 8-month-delayed response?
If you and your team need pennies, why not do it one of the appropriate ways "in the workforce?"
geris. second-person singular present active indicative of gerō. Portuguese[edit]. Verb[edit]. geris. second-person plural present indicative of gerir: To manage, govern, rule.

Re: School Bus?

PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2018 11:33 pm
by addisonsophia
It’s amazing how you manage to remember so much of your dream. :) write my essay for me
Mine falls apart in recollection immediately from the get-go.
I think you still have a great attachment to the past. Something about Mark’s death stirred you so deeply that you can’t really move ahead in thought.

Re: School Bus?

PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2019 5:44 am
by AnfisaKater
addisonsophia wrote:It’s amazing how you manage to remember so much of your dream. :) write my essay for me
Mine falls apart in recollection immediately from the get-go.
I think you still have a great attachment to the past. Something about Mark’s death stirred you so deeply that you can’t really move ahead in thought.


Re: School Bus?

PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2019 12:10 pm
by anyusername
The cyclist- that's you. So are the people on the bus. The bus is also you.

You stay ahead of the crowd, but in doing so you feel you develop loneliness, hence the now passed bartender. The bus is the part of you that says, "I was here first, and I have all these things going for me." So it stays with you because it is you. You are able to fly where you flew because you feel free, except for the part of you that says, "hey, we need to keep this in check." It's a highway because it is very much on your mind throughout much of your life.