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National trouble with the law

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National trouble with the law

Postby Dani32216 » Fri May 19, 2017 3:53 pm

So this dream I had was kinda scary to be honest. I just wanted to hear another input on it. Please don't continue to read unless you can without passing judgement on me. This is all I can remember. I'm in my parents kitchen with two close friends and my boyfriend standing by the window. My parents were not home. Outside the sky was like a purple color maybe a little bit of red or orange mixed into it. The next thing I knew my parents home was surrounded by either the SWATT team or police I'm not sure. They never came inside but they talked to us through the window. They told me that they just searched my uncles house and found paraphernalia from Marijuana use. At that moment I was scared because I knew I had paraphernalia at my house from Marijuana too. I wanted to tell my friends to tell the police if they ask that I live in my parents home but because of the police being there I couldn't say anything. Soon we went outside I saw a hotel to the right of the home which was weird for the fact my family and I live on a farm out in the middle of no where. In the hotel I saw people being arrested. I then remember being in the van being escorted by the police somewhere and sitting by my bf. I tried to whis per to him to them that u lived at my parents and before I could tell him he interrupted me told me to tell him later. I looked up everything. The biggest part I don't understand is the purple sky. Please help!
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Re: National trouble with the law

Postby aussie_musician » Sun May 21, 2017 7:09 pm

ok ..

I'm replying .. without judging you ..

but I want to you ask a question .. to clarify something ..

you mention marijuana ..

have you consumed marijuana or other illicit drugs in your life ???
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