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the nanny diaries

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the nanny diaries

Postby welor » Sat Jan 17, 2009 1:03 pm

i got into bed to watch a film on dvd called the nanny diaries, its one of my favourite films and i was watchin it but i didnt feel so good i was gerin a tempreature coz i felt freezing but to the touch was warm,, that night because i wasnt feelin so good i had a dream from that film that i was a nanny in america just like scarlet johanson(spellings bad x) and it was terrible i kept waking up n i was really sick but didnt know it,, so i woke up the next day and i was so sick i couldnt get out of bed,, i was really really ill! and that night after the day i had felt really really sick i had 3 hours of sleep and i was halcuinating and i was talking giberish to my parents and i was really sick! it was really really strange!!
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DM Lurker
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