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iCarly website question

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iCarly website question

Postby studiodc » Sat Oct 03, 2009 11:27 am

On the iCarly website, there is a button that you click, and it says something either from an episode of the show or from the exclusive content on iCarly.com. Can you tell me which iCarly sketches or episodes either of these quotes from the button are from?

"Hola? Hello? Is anybody aqui?"

"Moldy blue cheese chunks"

"Without pants, you might have trouble getting into a supermarket or a restaurant or anywhere, really."
(This one is obviously from a Random Debate, which one?)

"I'm not touching your knuckles."
"They're clean. I washed them yesterday. See?"

"What's wrong with you?"
"That's easy: I have a weird family, I don't concentrate in school, and most grownups say I have a bad attitude. Does that answer your question?"

"You pointed and clicked William web-i"

EDIT: One of the quotes is from the episode iDon't Want To Fight, where Carly makes a shirt for Sam as a gift on the anniversary of the day they met, and she trades it for concert tickets for Carly's favorite band. Here is the quote:

Carly: (about the tickets) Where'd you get these? They're totally sold out!
Sam: That guy Rodney, from school. The dude who gets arrested all the time!
Carly: Oh my God, he must've charged you a fortune!
Sam: Zero! I traded him the shirt you gave me for the tickets!
Carly: ...You traded the shirt?
Sam: Yeah! Knuckle touch! (holds out her hand)
Carly: I'm not touching your knuckles!
Sam: Why? They're clean! I washed them yesterday, see? (licks her knuckles)
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