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im not sure how this works, ill just leave my dream to read

PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 2:42 pm
by SenseiAugust
I am 18, male, I'm native American and Italian and german in nationality, I live in Maine, I am currently in a boat with the stomach flu or somethin, yesterday I vomited and thought I was gonna die. This dream probably has nothing to do with any of this though, because it's all about things I'm personally interested in; films, mafia, advanced technologies, etc.
this dream is a real strange one, i’ve tried interpreting it but it seems too detailed to be a dream about change or events. My dream begins by browsing youtube, it looks like 2009 youtube because there wasn’t any gaming videos floating around. i stumbled upon a video called “If only a bear could kill (part 1/5) in it, it’s set up like a documentary, it’s about the real events pertaining to a film The Rock starred in recently, along with Weslie Snipes, and director John Landis. What happens? it makes no sense. In the video, 2 cops are approaching a scene where cops are everywhere about to blow this bear away, the bear had completely destroyed this house, furniture and wood everywhere yet no bodies were seen anywhere. I thought “well, i guess this bear sucks at killing people “ until some narrator voice goes on to say “The man who Dwaine acts as is found miles away on a raft in a river. Cops retrieve him and find out he’s been heavily sedated. Why is this?” and suddenly it feels like some sort of conspiracy typa deal, where it continues to show the bear was placed at his home by some mafia types. And the guy who supposedly The Rock is acting as, the dude literally looks like him only except he’s darker and shorter. The retrieve him and bring him to the bear, where he avoids getting attacked and saves his kids (the real guy) but then it shows the alleged film, the narrator continues, “In the hit film, we see how nearly exact they execute the scenes with the use of advanced robotics technologies to make the bear seem as real as the real thing.
i wake up for an hour and fall back asleep where i dream of watching part 2, but i never saw what the other 3 videos were about.
in the second part, come to find out The Rock and John Landis split the costs for the Advanced robot technology and they came under fire from the Mafia (the ones who sicked a bear on the guy), they were at an award ceremony, but the weird thing is that John and the Rock weren’t even shook by these Italians who were heavily armed and threatening them. The robot comes out and fucking kills the mafia guys in mere seconds, it was vicious and brutal and John and the Rock laughed their asses off. Then it cuts back to the events of what happened to the family. they hid in the bathroom while the bear tore apart the house, the guy was put on this raft days earlier because he didn’t pay back his debts or something. it ends there, not abruptly but i was sweating upon waking up, and i always remember my dreams, which is why im able to share this.
if anyone wants to take a crack at interpreting this, go ahead.