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Movie Poster a Day with JayDee

Recommend, review, and discuss shows and movies that you have watched. Talk about actors, directors and scripts.

Movie Poster a Day with JayDee

Postby jackadam » Tue Oct 18, 2016 12:48 am

This is an idea I had for a thread a long while back but somewhat forgot about, and was then reminded of when Sexy did his countdown of 100 posters he liked.

I've always loved and been fascinated by movie posters, considering them a real art form. So I thought I'd share some with all my MoFos. I love a whole variety of different types of movie posters, so this thread should be quite a varied mixture of posters; beautiful posters for classic movies, lurid posters for trashy movies, surreal and bizarre posters from Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, East Germany etc), posters for 50s B-movies that always promised more than their budget could possibly deliver etc.

For the most part I will be avoiding the main, recognisable posters for well known films. Whenever I do include a poster for a popular film it will either be a foreign design, a lesser seen variant or one created by the ever burgeoning community of artists/fans who post their stuff online. On top of that I will include posters for films that most people have never seen or even heard of. My reasonings for including posters could be beautiful art, a clever idea, eye-catching weirdness, something really funny, a terrific tagline etc. Basically any poster I post is one that for whatever reason I find entertaining or interesting.

I thought this thread may also help to encourage me to try and stick around more regularly, giving me a reason to post at least once a day. Though as people who know me will not be surprised to hear, I already know I'll miss some days here and there. But I'll try my best to keep it updated fairly regularly. I will admit though that the thread may well die a quick death.

How long I keep it going will depend on a few factors; how much interest it generates, how long I can bothered with it, how many posters worth posting I can find etc
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