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The Lightning Thief

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The Lightning Thief

Postby rockstar55501 » Sat Jul 07, 2012 9:06 am

The Lightning Thief is a good movie, but it would of been better if they did what actually happened in the book. Luke and Percy never battled in the book. Percy met Ares and battled him in the book. Annabeth is supposed to be blonde in the movie. The movie never mentioned Clarisse. Percy was on Annabeth's and Luke's team for capture the flag. Therefore, she didn't battle him in the book. Percy was supposed to stay in the Hermes cabin and then be claimed. Not have Chiron give him a hint that he's Poseidon's son and show him his cabin. Percy was supposed to have a dorm at Yancy. Sally was supposed to take Percy to this beach or whatever. In the movie, Medusa was supposed to give them food and then take them outside for a "picture" and try to turn them to stone. In the movie, they were supposed to get a room and green game cards at the Lotus Casino and take a cab to get out. In the book, Percy got poisoned by a scorpion. And the reason Luke did what he did was because he wanted revenge not control. Oh not to mention that they are supposed to be 12! But I understand the reason that they aged-up the characters. I'm not bashing I'm just pointing out some differences but it's fine they wanted it that way. I'm just saying..
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