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Satanic dreams, please help

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Satanic dreams, please help

Postby Light02 » Sun Oct 28, 2018 9:38 pm

Thankyou for reading, I am posting this to share my story and my own personal thoughts on my dreams and what they may mean however I would greatly appreciate your opinions as well. Before I get started I would just like to say that this may make me sound a little crazy and I just may be haha. This may also scare some people due to the sensitive content.
As of now I am 18 years old. When I was younger, 3 or 4 years old I used to see spirits and be very in touch with otherworldly entities. For example I used to see a man in my mother’s bedroom closet that seemed to resemble Jesus as we commonly know him. My whole life I seemed to feel as if I was something different than the every day people walking around me. Around the same years I saw the man in the closet I would have a reoccurring dream. It started with me as a young child tied to a tall bare tree that sprung up feom the center of the floor of my house. The house had no walls or ceiling and everything around me was on fire though I didn’t feel it burning. A beautiful man walked up to me as I was tied to the tree and started talking to me, I don’t exactly remember what he was saying but then he touched my face. It started turning black where he touched and spread a crossed half of my face in tendrils through my veins before I was looking back at myself again and this time I was a little girl where before I was a little boy (I am a woman in real life) the same man then cut me down from the tree and gave me a towel to hold over my face where he had touched and the pain stopped and I woke up terrified. I believe the man may have been a fallen angel and am looking for some opinions. I have had other dreams where I was the antagonist every time but thia was the most memorable and the only one where I was the victim. I believe in the descendants of nephilim and believe that I may be one if they really do exist. If anyone has any knowledge about them it just may be true. Any ideas about what this dream could mean? Please help! And sorry about the gruesomeness!!
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