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Is God Warning Me?

This forum is dedicated to topics of spirituality, spiritual growth, self awareness and religious beliefs. Share your ideas and insights on spirituality and personal enlightenment.

Is God Warning Me?

Postby detroitjollof2611 » Wed Jun 27, 2018 1:50 am

I have extremely detailed dreams and try to write them down as soon as I wake. So here it goes. Last night's dream started at my university. Its a small one and yet it was crowded but many students and staff stood still through out the walk ways making it hard to get to class, but the students who could move had the most scared, concerned and haunted looks on their faces. While being outside the sky was black and the sun was a bright, yet dangerous feeling neon red. You could feel anxious, scared, frustrated, worried and desire to cause harm and chaos feelings and emotion like the sun's rays. (I can smell, feel, and taste in my dreams). Through out my dream I was with my boyfriend and we were trying to travel, but all of the flights we tried to purchase tickets for were cancelled and we were stuck at the airport. It was crowded like my university with the same feelings. We left the airport and went to the bank for travelers checks and we witnessed a man being murdered, well his upper half of his body fell unto the ground outside the window. I saw the murderer, but he didnt and was trying to protect my boyfriend. The murder looked like both human and demon. It took form as an older man who couldnt let the 70s style go with a brown, salt n pepper bullcut and a black turtle neck with a thin gold chain. However its spiritual presence was this tall, black figure that kind of looked like a man with black eyes and red like the sun in the white part of your eye. He chased us, mainly me everywhere we went... before I woke up i found out it was a seriAl killer organization and was disembowled and then shot in the head.
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