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Are we all Atheists?

This forum is dedicated to topics of spirituality, spiritual growth, self awareness and religious beliefs. Share your ideas and insights on spirituality and personal enlightenment.

Are we all Atheists?

Postby lukiusjohn » Sat Mar 10, 2018 1:33 am

Are we Atheist?

Is that the only thing that a logical person can be? That is what a lot of headlining ideas display, I understand, a lot of chaotic things do happen, a lot chance a lot of random evils.

Jesus himself stated, or is stated to have said, “unless you repent and seek the kingdom of God, you will all likewise perish” after stating how Pilate (?) picked random people to be slaughtered for a sacrifice, and a tower fell on people and killed them. Jesus said, you all will likewise die, unless you repent and seek the kingdom of God. Repent is the headline of all constructive evolution, it states “learn from your mistakes, own them, bear your cross” … we glamorize the word evolution, evolution actually goes up down and backwards, sideways, and sometimes forward.

People are people, we all have the same chemicals working in us for the most part, different measures of the same feelings. I feel the allure of an attractive woman and want to surrender to it, I cuss and don’t know how to replace those words in my minds, they are renewed every time I am in public. However, I am a believer that obedience is of more importance then my own righteousness, Christ was righteous, his righteousness I trust in, that is why I am here typing.

I have prayed many times and seen quick results, … the confusing thing about prayer is that you don’t know what the outcome was going to be before you prayed. I prayed for a local kidnapped girl to be brought home, she was, I prayed for a man who was ready to jump off of a bridge, he retreated, I prayed for a woman who was nearly dead from an overdose, she recovered, a young woman was in a coma and a few of us prayed for her and she had Godly experiences, … were all of these situations going to work out with or without prayer? I have no idea, in my opinion God has proved himself to me. If I go stab myself, I will bleed, if I go for a walk in freezing weather with no clothes on I will most likely freeze to death, does that mean God is some mean bastard? Is that not what people are like, we want all pleasure no conscience?! We all want blessings, we all want rewarded for our hard work from sources that we ourselves in no way can sustain.

Many times I pray and nothing happens, nothing happens when I pray for healing, nothing seemingly miraculous, … at the same time it would be next to never that I openly pray in the name of Christ for sick people, rarely for family or friends if ever, and never for strangers, there are two things that trouble me, the instant possible alienation, and what if people are just lying to play the game, …”oh yea I feel better now” even though nothing happened. I believe in miraculous healing, we have so many close brushes with death, we all do, where all it would of taken is a little nudge to push us into the threshold of actually dying, yet we live.

How many of us are actually living after Gods heart, that is what repenting and seeking the kingdom of God means, and unless we are, how can we be surprised when terrible things happen. God didn’t do anything evil other then leave us to the consequences of our own actions?! I believe that there is something to that concept, an Atheist who does not believe in freewill, may not, but what I don’t understand and what I see about myself, I would ultimately surrender to my lower natures one step at a time if I was to commit to being an Atheist, I am a believer that there is a mind of darkness that only enfolds in … darkness.
God, what is God, who is God, where is God, how can you not believe in something that you cannot confine to a basic idea, or a single frame of mind. Even in the bible it states a few times, “no one has seen God” if we cannot even put a precise finger on God how can we say that we do not believe in God. God is a universal Name, breathe of life, and giver of life, to him whom all praise is due, …

I don’t believe we are Atheist, or that Logical people are all Atheist, I believe people don’t like people and don’t want to be categorized with people that they don’t want to be associated with, for example people that they consider gullible or stupid, … it is funny how one thing draws so many lines “INSULT” it is an insult among so and so to be associated with so and so… no matter what you believe or group of people you choose, there are many different types of people associated with that group, unless it is something very rare. No one trusts Atheist, their God is Darkness and Nothing, that is what they believe in, Despite not knowing what God is, except the insult in mind when thinking about God. To believe in Truth is to believe in God, “God is light, in him there is no darkness”, “if the eye sees it sanctifies the Body” “God is Spirit” “God is the supreme divine” “ the first and last” the “living word” all bible verses describing God. I say everyone is a Jew, not an Atheist, but not everyone is a Christian or a Child of God, Muslims are Jews, Atheists are Jews, they all see the light more clearly and understand the Living word more accurately then others do, solid saints of a different vibe. I am totally being sarcastic, God knows who is open to him, and who isn’t, there is nothing that anyone can call themselves and fool God, not Christian, not messenger of Truth, not Atheist, not Sinner, or Shameless, there is nothing we can claim to be or not claim to be that will save us, Whatever God is, God has a streamline to all of our cores, going against sense usually has it’s consequences.

I know my literacy is not pristine.
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Re: Are we all Atheists?

Postby dreamyskies » Wed Apr 25, 2018 11:36 pm

I think more people are agnostic.
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Re: Are we all Atheists?

Postby HexHammer » Sun Jun 03, 2018 6:28 pm


Unfortunately I'm not atheist anymore, I've always been an atheist and joked about the religious people, believing in unseen deities, so I said if I get this and that there is a god and I will go to church, so I got this and that but never kept my word and thought to myself ..pffff!! It must have been a random occurrence and shrug it off.

Recently in my life I cursed the name of god because too much bad had happened in too short amount of time, then he send me 4 black cats in less than 1h, so now I'm a forced believer :cry:
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