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Imminent Danger To My Home Town???

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Imminent Danger To My Home Town???

Postby merismos » Mon Jan 22, 2018 12:15 am

"So when I woke up earlier, I was about to get out of bed and then I asked the Lord if there was anything else he needed to reveal to me before I got up and if so put me back to sleep.... and he did just that."
"So I started dreaming and in the dream I was at the mall here in Marshall with a lot of other people and there was some celebration going on and all the sudden as I was walking with someone towards the mall (we were all in the parking lot) and I looked up into the sky , when I looked up into the sky I saw four moons that were eclipse and strange writing in the sky( numbers, figures of all sorts).... as I continue to look into the sky others notice me looking up then they begin to look up and then the figures and numbers and writings and things in the sky begin to fade away quickly ...like as though someone was erasing a chalkboard...."
"Then all of a sudden there was a huge Rock in the sky that was Square, not a perfect square but Square... and it was the size of like 10 city blocks, it was massive!! And it was formed in three squares a smaller one in the middle then another one twice its size and then the major one on the outside...."
"The middle one was like a a creamy white color, not white but creamy white , then the other one was like a grayish color the second square, and then of course the final square was like a charcoal black."
"As we continue to watch what unfolded in the sky with this huge Square Stone appearing ....all of a sudden it started shaking and the whole earth beneath started shaking ...all of a sudden parts of the stone started falling to the Earth ..,some smaller than the others... and some larger.... As each piece fell it landed on someone and crush them completely to their death!!!! People began to panic!... run, scattering in all directions! I began to run as well while pieces of the square Rock continue to fall smaller pieces larger pieces the ground continue to shake"
"While I was running with everyone else .I realize that I have the ability to fly... so I looked at the people running with me, I stop for a moment, told them I'm sorry , but I can fly , so I've got to go ! so I took off flying .as I got in the sky and begin flying"
"I noticed that the sky begin to clear up ,the rock began to fade away .. I felt something biting me on my left leg and it was a black ant flying ant I brushed it off me and as I was about to continue flying the sky cleared up completely and I woke up." :? :? :?
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