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Gnosticism help?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 03, 2017 11:15 am
by Lacan
Hi all,

So this is more of looking for some advice regarding Gnosticism and what i have experienced. Also, if you think this is a bunch of BS, that is fair. I'm just looking for someone with some knowledge for some input.

First Experience:
In 2012 my grandmother passed away and i went to her funeral, afterwards my sister and I hung out for the rest of the day since we haven't seen each other in awhile. She asked if i had heard of DMT, i said no. We watched the documentary on it (forgot the name), which sparked my curiosity. She just happened to have some crystallized that her friend made while she was in south america. (I know there will be some arguments against the use of hallucinogenics to have a spiritual experience, but that was not what i was aiming for. And an experience is an experience none the less)

So after smoking the DMT, I closed my eyes as i exhaled. I saw nothing at first, then a hand print. Then another and another appeared, then dozens at a time. The impression was to stop but i did not. Next i 'popped' in to what looked like a giant balloon or shell. I was floating, the walls were black except for the writing and the lines. The words were repeated over and over, 'Love Laugh' in like an iridescent gold and pink rose color. The lines and words joined together at a point in the top. I decided to look down, and there was the earth. There was this light snaking around the surface of the planet in what looked 3 gigantic rivers. A little further away from the earth, there were what looked couple dozen stars in a ring around it. At this point i felt 'noticed', one of the stars left the circle and approached me and 'impressed' that i must go back. It didn't speak any words. Then 'pop', i was back on the couch.

Second Experience:
This was a dream I had 2 years ago but still remember the first half very well, but there are a lot of details i'm going to omit since it will take forever

Basically it was me and 3 others looking for the tree of life. It was dawn and cloudy, we split up and i found a cave, one side was stone and one side was soil. Further into the cave obvious darkness, then a light green light started to appear. Finding the source of the green light, it turned out to be a tree root. I touched the root with my left hand and the green light stayed on my hand and started to spread upwards.

Flash forward, as the details are lost to me too for how i got to the end of the dream. But at the end, (3rd person view now) i was sitting on a cliff under the tree that i was looking for overlooking the sea. There was a very pretty sunset. With me was a 'lighter' version of myself, he was standing behind me. He had blonde hair and bright green eyes, where i have dark hair and grey eyes. I can't remember the full details, but he was talking about the evolution of species and how fascinating it is. I woke up during him talking.

Prior to both of these, i had little knowledge of Gnosticism. Simply the duality aspect and view of imperfection. In high school i read volume 16 (at least that's what the binding said) of Carl Jung's work; Psychology and Alchemy. So i somewhat understand the importance of personal symbolism, but hardly knowledgeable. I'm finding a few references to his work in my internet searches about all this, and that all started 5 days ago which now brings me here.

Seriously, any input at all. I've been trying to find someone with some level of knowledge in this. Sifting through all the fluff or trying to find an active forum on the subject is very difficult.


Re: Gnosticism help?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 03, 2017 2:08 pm
by Sheena
The best reference i know for Jung and gnosticism is Stephan Hoeller, Seven Sermons to the Dead.