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Graduating but not knowing from what...Celebrating w/friends

PostPosted: Sat Jul 01, 2017 11:30 pm
by raymond1234
1 July 2017 Saturday

Graduating and Celebrating with Friends

Today I dreamed that I was I walking down a carpeted (brown) hallway of a large room. There were many others around me but I was alone. I was finishing my education and I was waiting to see if I was good enough. I had finished my academic education but I was waiting to see if I was selected.

The scene moved to another room and I was waiting in line with many others. There was a lot of talking and commotion going on around me and the lights were dim. I was wondering if I was going to be selected. I don’t remember the circumstances but just because I met the academic standards does not mean I met the other standards. I don’t recall what they were. Suddenly there was a hand on my right shoulder. My whole body became extremely warm and flush. It began from my head to my toes and I could feel it traveling through my whole body from the top to the bottom. I could feel the warmth very distinctly and it felt like my body was coming alive as it did.

The ‘person’ that placed their hand on my shoulder said some words of congratulation that I don’t recall but as he said them I immediately thought ‘I GRADUATED’! I never saw the person who touched my shoulder or spoke to me. But we continued to speak back and forth in a friendly manner. I had a vague impression that he was in his late twenties or thirties.

We remained in line like we were waiting for something bigger to happen. I looked ahead and I saw a larger than life lamb or sheep sitting on a stage ahead of us. He was sitting on a throne surrounded by golden lights shining on him from all angles. The sheep was well disciplined. He looked straight ahead, never moved, and looked quite dignified. The ‘man’ that was with me said something about the sheep’s ears and wearing a hat. Then I replied about the sheep’s ears being cold and he should wear a hat wide enough to cover his ears. Then, I silently reflected on the idea that my comment was rude towards my new friend and that I should have just agreed with him.

The scene moved to a large room. I was speaking to a few other men and I told them my last name was Graham. We chatted briefly and I told them that I thought the origin was Scottish. The man that seemed to dominate the conversation nodded in agreement. All the men were seated around a table and I was the only one standing. The man replied with something I don’t recall and we continued to talk. The room was ‘rocking’ and filled with love and energy.

The scene shifted to a larger room and I was sitting around a table with several other people with a woman was seated to my left. We were talking and eating dinner when an announcement was made over the intercom that dinner was being delayed. There was some relationship to 2/3-1/3 but I don’t remember what it was. But everyone agreed that it was okay. We continued to talk, then I heard three light taps in my dream and I woke up.

Re: Graduating but not knowing from what...Celebrating w/fri

PostPosted: Sat Jul 01, 2017 11:31 pm
by raymond1234
I recall the dream as being a happy and joyful experience. Everyone was in a good mood.

I remember I was elated at having met all the requirements for graduation and being chosen. Others were present that met the academic standard but were not chosen. I don’t recall what I was exactly chosen to do. I knew it was spiritual but I knew I did not want to join the ministry.

I think the lamb was Jesus. But unlike many sheep, this one was not hairy, it looked like he had already been sheared and his wool was cut close to his body. And the lamb was much larger than an average mature sheep. I referred to him as a lamb, which is a baby sheep. But this lamb was mature and fully grown.

I also think the golden light represented an aura like the sun (son), another symbol for Jesus.

I wonder if the people at dinner represented the Last Supper or ‘breaking bread’. I don’t recall the names of the people or how many there were.

I heard three taps or knocks when I woke up. Three is often a symbol in the Bible, Father Son and Holy Ghost, Three Days of Resurrection etc…... I have heard loud knocks on many occasions in my dreams but they occurred when I was having a bad dream or woke up anxious. These knocks were soft and gentle.

Just a few ideas.........

Re: Graduating but not knowing from what...Celebrating w/fri

PostPosted: Mon Jul 03, 2017 8:57 am
by Batman
Your probably on track with the interpretation... but the ears goes to... :whoa: WAT up... (tune in)

[Reveal] Spoiler:
... as G-time is ... _Ear :noisemaker: :neer:

:geek: ... sow what is it that your willing to serve... (Doo Doo) as the lamb is coming of age