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I think i have a classical composer as a spirit guide???

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I think i have a classical composer as a spirit guide???

Postby DogsAreCool » Wed Jun 14, 2017 7:50 pm

sorry in advance this is going to be along one but it''ll be interesting to say the least :)
Some back ground before I get into the heart of the matter: I'm a norse pagan and a classical pianist, I have a connection with several gods but the one i'll bring up later is called Bragi, he's the god of bards and has to do with music, writing, etc. I already have one spirit guide, he's an ancestor of mine; he's been around for several years and he came forth to me in a dream first, just like this possible new spirit guide did.
So here's where the real story starts in regards to a new spirit guide: two nights ago I had a dream in which a woman who was a medium told me that she thinks that the classical composer, Frederic Chopin, was her spirit guide and she thinks that I met her because he is also my spirit guide. When I woke up from the dream I didn't think much of it and went back to sleep. When i fell asleep again I was semi-lucid and, remembering my last dream decided you know what? maybe I'll try and conjure Chopin. He is my favorite composer so why not? However as the dream went on I became less and less lucid. I was in a small apartment room with some furniture. There was a man sitting at a table but his face kept changing, sort of remembering my objective when the dream first began i tried my hardest to turn it into chopin, i came close a few times but not really. The man with the changing faces suggested we go sit on the couch so we did, by then i was no longer lucid. I went over first and then he came over, but turned around to move the coffee table out of the way, then i got up to move it for him somehow thinking he'd be too weak to move it himself. He stopped me and said this with his back still turned: "There's no need" he then turned to me, now with the face of chopin and said "I'm not sick anymore." (for those of you who don't know, chopin was sick most of his life) I woke up on the verge of tears.
When i woke up i didn't really want to believe it but, much like when my 1st spirit guide appeared in my dreams I absolutely knew that that dream was from a spirit guide. I tried to ignore it because that's ridiculous, nobody has famous people as a spirt guide and if they think they did they're obviously making it up, right? well, i guess not anymore. when i woke up i asked "chopin if you really are my guide prove it" and I ended up googling later that morning "can a famous person be your spirit guide?" and the first article that came up mentioned chopin as a popular guide to channel if you're a musician so that was sign enough for me to believe it to an extent but im still a little skeptical.
So, in conclusion, I'm posting this to see what other people think. Have you had experiences like this? Do any of you have any famous people as your spirit guide? And what do you think of chopin, could he be my spirit guide or am I as delusional as i feel?
Personally, I feel as though Bragi had something to do with this. He likes to listen to me play piano and often when I'm practicing I like to speak to the composers and ask them to listen to me play. Maybe he saw that Chopin was listening to me and decided we'd work well together? I'm not a very experienced pianist, I'm only considered intermediate so it's interesting that he'd be my guide and not some super talented prodigy. But anyway, what do you all think? I'm still feeling a little skeptical so I'd totally love some input in regards to if you guys think he's a possible guide or not.
Thanks for reading :)
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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Re: I think i have a classical composer as a spirit guide???

Postby raymond1234 » Sun Jul 02, 2017 1:49 am

I think you are probably right about Chopin.

Especially when you consider that you play the piano and already admired him.

Maybe you could meditate and pray to him and ask him for help developing your piano skills.
Dream Warrior
Dream Warrior
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Re: I think i have a classical composer as a spirit guide???

Postby Batman » Sun Jul 02, 2017 9:39 am

Actually from a Christian point of view... that is the Holy Ghost and your :whistling: tunning inn... as its called... (housing in a note)

... as more and more spirits chime inn ... this period

Gus Who?
Gus Who?
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