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Possible Heredity Witch

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Possible Heredity Witch

Postby dlovestowrite » Wed Jan 30, 2019 9:59 pm

Background: My mom said on her side of the family that people especially the females would practice witchcraft. ( I don't know what they did exactly but mom said she saw something walked through a wall once.)

With that being said I am not sure if I am a witch by heredity. I notice that throughout life my mom would try to interpret my dreams sometimes when I would tell her. Also one it me she got really mad and hysterical when I did not tell her one of dreams when I was 5. (Recently I googled heredity witches and apparently it is common for some people who practice witchcraft to interpret dreams.) I never tried to use my powers ON PURPOSE. But sometimes I would dream things and it would happen in real life. Recently I would dream things it would almost happen real life because I would remember the dream and choose a different course of action than what happened in the dream,as if the dream was some sort of warning. Also when I would want something good to happen ,it would happen . I supposed that could be favored or the fact that I am blessed. But sometimes it happen really often which has me wondering if is the fact that I am favored or something else. However sometimes bad things would happen to people when I would something bad to happen to people (who have wronged me) it happens usually in a weird way. I said for a few weeks over and over again, that this person who has wronged me, would go to jail. I did not say in the name of God but I was declaring it. Then years later she went to jail for a week. I wished I would of said she would of gone to prison.(Now I am gonna say that but in the name of God)

Does anyone know if witchcraft powers can be used on accident without command?

Does anyone know if witchcraft powers can still work if you are a christian?

Does anyone know if there is anyway you can stop being a witch?
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Dream Seeker
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Re: Possible Heredity Witch

Postby Gus Who » Thu Jan 31, 2019 4:35 am

Your in old school talk ... :geek: as inn 'witchcraft' (which is Witch which) ... referring too practicing as a female inn such very wide field of language ... as Christian tend to frown away from such talk .. but should be able to reconize good and bad witches :whistling: ... as such can use SPELLS :yikes ( as words can be very powerful in which you might want to take on such a Penball Wizard :computer: ... the deaf, dumb and blind guy that has a site of Kingdumb2.com) or cite words that bring such bless or curse words to others...

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Heere @ invisibility ... if your a right-her
Okay - I clearly warned everyone .. GLOBAL COLLAPSE OF THE ECONOMIC SYSTEM...
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Dream Guru
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Re: Possible Heredity Witch

Postby ForeverandAlwaysInAstral » Wed Mar 13, 2019 5:56 pm

You need to research your Family Tree/BloodLine.From my secret view it all started and got really intense when you posted this right?And he went to jail after y'all got into it.Your anger is being allowed to channel your energy.You have been projecting bad and terrible things towards that specific person.It is not morally acceptable and is causing him more problems on top of the ones you already wanted him to fix and change.He is not crazy and has considered things from every viewpoint.You have cursed in a horrible way and must stop projecting these feelings.They were what drove him to the behavior that lost your heart and caused him to forsake himself and his in ability/will.Both of you are very powerful and unaware of the abilities you both cast without proper training and intent.Learn your roots.Practice your selection of Arts.Master the paths you choose.But forgive the things that cause you things other than love.Fogive For all reasons because your failing love for the target was cause by your own projections.Leo right?If my life is telling me correctly....Learn to accept your part of the blame for chains of events.All things can be healed.Things can be better than ever even with the same people. It takes a team to handle that kind of power and responsibilities.Train together.There is a hidden force of energy I cannot identify keeping you two apart with great power.Accumulate together in a bond that becomes the most powerful energy ever seen. When you was five years old- was your dream on a rainy day...in a car that lost control?This whole ordeal and your world's Balance rests on you both.Good Luck
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DM Lurker
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