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"Exploding Head Syndrome"

Discuss sleep problems, insomnia, sleeping aids/medications, sleep apnea and tips on a better night's sleep. Do you or your mate snore? Do you sleep walk or sleep talk? Do you grind your teeth? Talk about your experiences here.

"Exploding Head Syndrome"

Postby 3EyedGhost » Thu Feb 16, 2012 2:45 pm


I have posted on here once before about a problem I had about sleeping - which ceased soon after and haven't had any noteworthy things to comment on since then until now. But earlier on this week I began experiencing a strange sensation; just as I was beginning to feel like I was falling asleep a very loud noise awoke me, it was static and electronical in characteristic and was as if some one had turned on a untuned radio on full volume for a split second, but I soon realised that this noise was from my own head. I was quite taken back by this and unsure what to think or what happened. A while afterwards I managed to drift-off again whereby it happened again. I eventually managed to fall asleep on the third attempt.

One night passed without any major hiccups, but on the night after this I experienced exactly the same thing - two episodes of me drifting off were interrupted in the same pattern. In between the two episodes on this night, I heard a loud bang on the floor which I am fairly convinced was actually a legitimate sound, but if not would be rather worrying as this seemed very authentic.

Upon some basic research I have discovered it sounds familiar to something called "Exploding Head Syndrome". Although it is rather unnerving, I wouldn't say that it is "scary" despite definitely having the potential of turning so. After these experiences I have sat there in silence wondering if I am actually an alien who is having radio transmissions beamed to me from my command post. Does any know of a better explanation as to why this is happening?
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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Re: "Exploding Head Syndrome"

Postby brit.sunshine » Thu Feb 16, 2012 6:40 pm

Well, while I can't say I have a much more normal sounding explanation for you, I can say that I have experienced something similar, but not as severe as to wake me up in such a way. I do hear what sounds like electricity and static, but it's due to my ability to tap into electrical currents. My dad is a psychic, you see, and I won't say I'm as accomplished as he is with his abilities, but I'm able to sometimes manipulate electricity when I'm in meditation. Nothing fancy or science-fictiony. Just lights turning off, TVs get brighter, and computers can sometimes get staticy. What I mean to say is that you may be experiencing something that you haven't found control of yet. Sleeping and laying about in the quiet is always when it will be the most active, because you may no longer be thinking hard enough to make a distraction from your senses. I hope that makes sense or enlightens you to broaden your horizons in a way. :)
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DM Lurker
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Re: "Exploding Head Syndrome"

Postby The Atomic Mango » Tue Feb 28, 2012 12:39 am

ignore brit.sunshine. he/she is a loon.
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