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head injury, now I dream every nigh...?

PostPosted: Tue Jan 01, 2019 6:04 am
by Hewie
Hi, my name is Paul H and I live in the uk........A bit of a strange one for you let me start by telling you about my day out at a local forest/woods with my family about 7 months ago, we have a fantastic day checking out all the mini doors built into the tree's in the woods and a walk down the river that runs thru the woods....however it all ends badly when I slip and fall down a bank to the river's edge and bump my head leaving my paralyzed for a moment and unable to move....(this is not a dream) however since that day I have multiple dreams every single night, that means I wake after every dream and go back to sleep only to have more dreams thru the night, on average I'm having 3/4 dreams a night that I wake from and remember, but before I fell I was lucky to have 1/2 dreams in a years in fact I can count on two hands the number of dreams I've had my whole why now after bumping my head is it I dream every night 3/4 there anyone that you could recomend would be able to help me come up with an exlanation as to why this is happening to me....? dont get me wrong Im loving the dreams every night, however Im becoming very tierd thru the day now so I think its having a negitave inpact on my real world life. All help and advice are welcomed,
thank you, Paul H.