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Sleep Walking/Talking/Activities

Discuss sleep problems, insomnia, sleeping aids/medications, sleep apnea and tips on a better night's sleep. Do you or your mate snore? Do you sleep walk or sleep talk? Do you grind your teeth? Talk about your experiences here.

Sleep Walking/Talking/Activities

Postby nickitea » Wed Oct 21, 2015 8:27 am

I have had a sleep disorder since I was 5...maybe even younger. But as far as the stories my family has told me about, 5 years old seems the right age when it started.
I guess I'll list all of the episodes I've ever had. Some are funny, while some are a little more concerning.
1. I "woke up" and went into my moms room. (I lived with my mom and grandma in my grandmas townhome) and as far as she told me; I had gone into her closet, tried on all of her shoes, left them out of her closet, then just went back to my room and went to sleep.
2.My grandma goes to sleep pretty late and I guess was startled by a light coming from the outside of her shut bedroom door. She got up to see what was going on. The lights throughout the whole town home were on. She was scared that maybe someone broke in, but went downstairs to see anyway. There, she found all the lights turned on. the main recessed lights in the ceiling, to the lamps on table tops, and bathroom lights. All of them were on. She didn't find or hear anyone so she started turning off the lights. went upstairs to find me at the top of the stairs just outside my room. My grandma nearly shit herself. I don't know if I said anything but she got me to bed and that was that.
3.(smaller incident) I was sleeping on the couch and apparently talking to my mom about grandmas cat. my grandma never had a cat. it wasn't till I was older (teenager) that I figured out I was talking about this Persian cat sculpture my grandma had for as long as I can remember.
4.(more recent in my late teen years) I had gone to Orlando, Florida for a trip with my schools band. We went to magic kingdom and universal. it was super fun! Anyway, the first night (I was the head of my room with 3 other girls sleeping in one room) I remember myself actually doing this...I ended up opening the door and going outside (the hotel was like a motel 6 with no inside hallways, everything is open to outside) and running up and down the outside hallway. I remember kinda waking up and thinking "why am I so hot and sweaty?" I somehow found my room and was able to get in (don't get me started on how I wasn't locked out?!) and since the band director had put tape on the doors to make suree if anyone went out in the night the tape would rip and he would know who was out. Somehow I was able to stick my hand out the door while cracked and stip the blue painters tape back to the door. I did end up telling him my condition and what happened last night. My mom (she chaperoned) vouched for me and I didn't get into trouble, they were actually worried that I could have hurt myself.
5. I was in college and really stressed out about school and work. I guess one night at like 3am, I had called every single person in my contacts about 3 times but let it ring once and would hang up. When I woke up in the morning I got a lot of texts and missed calls from people asking "what the heck!?" or "dude are you ok??" I was confused so I asked them what happened and they told me that I had called them but never stayed on the line. So I looked at my call log, sure enough it was filled with multiple calls to all my contacts.
6.most recently, me and my boyfriend were watching the blair with project (I had never seen it while my boyfriend saw it when he was 13) and it was a normal movie night. (other than his mom jumping through his door scaring us for a good laugh) but after we went to bed and apparently I woke my boyfriend up. he sounded scared and really freaked out as he tried nudging me awake. I asked him what was wrong, "You were laughing in your sleep!! Like crazy witch laughing!" at that point I found it amusing because he never experienced my sleep disorder first hand like my mom and grandma had. So I had to tell him everything and calm his nerves.

I know this was long but I do still do things to this day. lately small talking or laughing. I've noticed that it usually happens if I'm really stressed out. But I know most kids outgrow this sleep disorder...But I'm 21 now and I'm still suffering from it. Any Thoughts? :|
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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Re: Sleep Walking/Talking/Activities

Postby lml » Sun Nov 20, 2016 3:27 pm

There seems to be a bit of a pattern in the episodes you wrote about. In three o them you were high on emotions before you slept (stress, joy, fear (blair witch project). Many don't seem to share that pattern. I suspect the aroused emotions and adrenaline have something to do with some of your nocturnal activities. (Not surprising that you had a witchy laugh after watching the Blair Witch movie).
Since the incidents are very distressing to the people around you (as opposed to you yourself) a sleep disorder clinic might be able to help you with your dilemma.
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