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Talking in my sleep

Discuss sleep problems, insomnia, sleeping aids/medications, sleep apnea and tips on a better night's sleep. Do you or your mate snore? Do you sleep walk or sleep talk? Do you grind your teeth? Talk about your experiences here.

Talking in my sleep

Postby ImShugz » Thu Jan 24, 2019 9:50 pm

Sooooo, my husband just played 5 recordings of me talking and laughing in my sleep. I am having full on conversations about someone who is cheating and a lawsuit being filed for alienation of affection. I am not a lawyer, but you couldn’t tell that I wasn’t, with all of the legalise I was speaking in my dream. I don’t know who I was to the cheating couple, but I’m having a conversation about their case with someone else.

I also dream about a man that touches me all over my body and I’m constantly telling him not to touch me like that. Whomever this man is, he grabs me all over my body so I fight with him to stop touching areas of my body that are “sacred”. My husband tells me that on more than one occasion, this man and I have had sex, played out or imitated in the bed next to my husband. ,My husband also assures me that I’m not talking about him or to him. It is some random man entirely. I take a lot of meds at night - for MS and Fibromyalgia. Maybe some of the dreams are guided9 by prescribed narcotics. I feel like this has gotten out of control and I need to put an end to these sleep escapades. Anyone have any ideas for my sleep talking situation?
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