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To dream that you are making a bet suggests that you are taking a risk in a relationship or work situation which may not be such a wise choice. Use your judgment and proceed cautiously.   TOP


To dream that you have been betrayed represents your suspicions about a particular person, relationship or situation.  This dream often occurs when you are having feelings of insecurity and are faced with major commitments in your life at the same time.

To dream that someone has betrayed you indicates self-pity. You are feeling sorry for yourself.    TOP

Betta Fish

To see a betta fish in your dream indicates that thoughts from your subconscious is close to emerging to the surface. You are ready to confront your repressed thoughts. If there are two betta fish in your dream, then it signifies conflicting issues that you are dealing with.   TOP


To drink a beverage in your dream represents your ability to understand and take in a new idea or concept. The dream may be analogous to your thirst for knowledge. Consider the type of beverage for additional meaning.   TOP


To dream that you are bewildered indicates that you are stuck in the middle between two opposing views. It represents your indecision and your inability to make up your mind. Such dreams often reflect your waking state of confusion and shock.   TOP


To see or read the bible in your dream symbolizes truth, belief, inspiration and knowledge. You are seeking some form of comfort. The bible may also refer to your fundamental belief system. Perhaps you need to turn to the bible more. If you dream of a specific chapter or verse from the bible, then it points to advice that you need to consider in your waking life.

To buy a bible in your dream suggests that you are trying to justify your actions.   TOP


To dream that you are riding a bicycle signifies your desires to attain a balance in your life. You need to balance work and pleasure in order to succeed in your current undertakings. If you have difficulties riding the bicycle, then it suggests that you are experiencing anxieties about making it on your own. If you are riding a push bike, then it means that you want to move forward at your own pace and by your own power.

To see a  bicycle in your dream indicates that you need to devote time to leisurely pursuits and recreation.

To dream that you are riding tandem in a bicycle suggests that you are more accepting with aspects of yourself or of your partner that you have previously rejected. Dreaming that you are being chased by people on a tandem bicycle means that you are not being cooperative. You are refusing to work together with someone on a project.

If the color of the bicycle was particularly important or memorable, then the dream often relates to specific childhood memories. If you had a yellow bicycle or the neighbor down the street had a red one, then the dream is about what you were going through during that period of your life.  TOP


To see a bier in your dream symbolizes a loss.   TOP


To dream that someone or something is bigger than normal indicates that you either have an inflated opinion of yourself or of someone.  You may be expressing a desire to be more dominant in some situation or relationship.  

To see a big figure in your dream represents authority and power.   TOP

Big Bird

To see Big Bird in your dream represents friendship and acceptance. It also symbolizes your inquisitive nature. Alternatively, dreaming of Big Bird may serve to bring you back to your childhood. Perhaps the dream is trying to remind you of some old childhood lesson.   TOP


To dream that you commit bigamy suggests that you are having an extremely difficult time with weighing out your options and making a decision between two choices.

To dream that you marry  a bigamist indicates that you are being deceived by someone in your life. You need to look closely at those who are close to you.   TOP


To see bigfoot in your dream symbolizes the unknown and the subconscious. Alternatively, it suggests that you are misrepresenting yourself in some way or that you are misleading others.

To see or drive a bigfoot truck in your dream indicates that you have total control over the path that your life is taking. You do not let anybody stand in your way, especially toward your goals.   TOP


To dream that you are wearing a bikini suggests that you are feeling exposed. You may feel unprotected emotionally. It may also signal a return to innocence or youth.  Alternatively, a bikini indicates superficial desires.   TOP


To dream of your bile suggests that you are moody and irritable. Consider the color of the bile. If the color is dark, then it symbolizes sadness and depression. If the color is yellow, then it represents anger.   TOP


To see a billboard in your dream is a sign or message that you need to take note of in your path toward your goals. Consider what advice the billboard is trying to convey to you.   TOP


To see bills in your dream suggest that your mind is preoccupied with financial and money matters. You may be feeling overwhelmed with life's demands. 

To receive a bill in your dream represents something that you have done is now costing you in some way or other.   TOP


**Please See Wallet.


To dream that you are playing billiards represents your competitive nature. You need to learn to win or lose gracefully. Alternatively, it may mean that you need to concentrate harder on a problem in your waking life.    TOP


To see or dream that you are a billionaire points to your desires. The dream may be an inspiration for you to work harder. Alternatively, the dream refers to your inadequacies and shortcomings. There is a void in you life.  TOP


To see a binder in your dream represents things that you need to keep track and stay on top of. It may indicate emotions and issues that you have overlooked in your waking hours. Consider the contents inside the binder. Alternatively, the dream may be a reference to "binding" something together. Perhaps you need to integrate, incorporate or combine certain qualities within yourself. Or the binder could also symbolize your obligations and responsibilities.   TOP


To see or play bingo in your dream symbolizes a sudden revelation. Pay special attention to the dream content as there is something significant and profound that you have learned or discovered about yourself.    TOP


To dream that you are looking through a pair of binoculars suggests that you need to take a long and close look at a situation. You need to carefully evaluate your choices and decision.   TOP


To see a bioluminescence in your dream suggests that you are seeking attention. Or the dream is telling you that you need to step out of the shadow and shine.  TOP


To see a birch tree in your dream indicates self-punishment or guilt issues.   TOP


To see birds in your dream symbolize your goals, aspirations and hopes. To dream of chirping and/or flying birds, represent joy, harmony, ecstasy, balance, and love. It denotes a sunny outlook in life. You are experiencing spiritual freedom and psychological liberation. It is almost as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

To dream of dead or dying birds indicates disappointments. You will find yourself worrying over problems that are nagging on your mind.

To dream of birds on the attack means that you are being pulled into too many directions. You are experiencing conflict with your spirituality. If the birds are trying to break into houses, then it implies that you are not following your desired path in life. Others are meddling in your life and interfering with your life path.

To see bird eggs in your dream symbolize money.

To see birds hatching in your dream symbolize delayed success.

To see a bird nest in your dream symbolizes independence, refuge and security. You need something to fall back on. Alternatively, it may signify a prosperous endeavor, new opportunities, and fortune.

Dreaming that a bird's beak is stuck in your neck means that you have been gossiping too much. 

To see a bird singing near a fire refers to someone who is consumed by their passion.  TOP

**See Dream Mo0ds Dream Themes: Birds for the meaning of the different species of bird.

Bird's Eye View

To see your dream from a bird's eye view implies that you are on top of a situation. It may also mean that you have a new perspective on things. Or the dream is telling you to look at the overall picture.   TOP

Bird of Paradise

To see a bird of paradise in your dream represents your hard shell and cold exterior. You need to be more receptive and open yourself to love. Alternatively, the dream symbolizes relaxation. It is time for a vacation.   TOP


To see a birdbath in your dream symbolizes spiritual cleansing. You are undergoing a fresh new phase in your life.    TOP


To see a birdcage in your dream represents a loss of freedom. You are feeling locked up and unable to fully express yourself.   TOP


To see a birdhouse in your dream symbolizes the season of spring. It is time for a fresh start or a new beginning. Alternatively, the birdhouse in your dream may be analogous to your own home and your own spiritual sanctuary. The dream is telling you to be more in tune with your spirituality and to work on developing it.    TOP


To dream of feeding birds with birdseed suggest that you are nourishing your higher, spiritual qualities. Alternatively, it many indicate insufficient rewards for your efforts. 

To dream that you are spreading birdseed on the ground, signifies minor growth in your business endeavors.   TOP


To dream of giving birth or see someone else giving birth suggests that you are giving birth to a new idea or project. It also represents a new attitude, fresh beginnings or a major  event. Alternatively, the dream may be calling attention to your inner child and the potential for you to grow. If you dream that you are giving birth to twins, then it represents conflicting ideas. If you give birth to quadruplets in your dream, then it implies that you are undergoing a positive transformation which is making you feel whole again. A more direct interpretation of this dream may represent your desires/ anxieties of giving birth or the anticipation for such an event to occur.

Dreaming that you are giving birth to an unusually heavy baby signifies dependency issues. You are afraid of having others rely on you and are apprehensive about satisfying other's needs. To dream that someone else is giving birth to a very heavy baby represents some burden that this person is creating for you or others. 

To dream that you are giving birth prematurely implies that you have revealed or turned in a project that was incomplete. You feel unready or unprepared about a new endeavor.

To dream that you are giving birth to a non-human creature signifies your overwhelming (and unfounded) fear in the health of your baby. You are overly concerned that your baby may have birth defects. This type of dream is common in expectant mothers in their second trimester. If you are not expecting, then it refers to your fear in the outcome of some decision or project. You are trying to overcome difficulties in your life and achieve inner development. 

In particular, if you dream that you are giving birth to a monster, then it implies that your inner creative energy has yet to blossom and grow into expression. You may have some hesitation in releasing this "monster" for fear that others will judge you or that they will not accept your ideals.  

To dream that the mother dies during birth represents transformation. The dream represents the ending of one thing (death) and the new beginning of another thing (birth). You may be making life changes or getting rid of your old habits and ways. 

To dream that the child dies during childbirth suggests that you are having difficulties getting pregnant. It may also reflect your anxiousness about caring for a child.   TOP

***Read our special section on Dreaming While PregnantPlease see also Pregnant.

Birth Control

*Please See Contraceptive.


To dream about your birthday denotes acceptance of yourself. You are celebrating who you are and coming to terms with who you are as a person. Alternatively, the dream may mean you are afraid of getting old. 

To dream that your birthday was forgotten suggests that you are feeling lonely, overshadowed, and under-appreciated.

Dreaming that you are having a bad or horrible birthday indicates some sort of regret.    TOP

Birthday Cake

To see a birthday cake in your dream indicates that the best of your wishes will be realized. It also represents your willingness to let people in and share your life with others. 

To see candles on the cake represents your positive outlook in life.   TOP

Birthday Card

To dream of giving or receiving a birthday card symbolizes remembrance. If you dream that you are endlessly shopping for birthday cards, then it implies that there is an important date that you are afraid of forgetting.    TOP


To dream that you have a birthmark serves as a reminder that something you must either do or never do again. It represents a stain on your soul.   TOP


If you are not bisexual and dream that you are, then it may indicate some sexual repression. You may be trying to compensate for your lack of sexual expression. Alternatively, it may represent general sexual confusion.   TOP  meanings by DreamMoods.com


*Please see Buffalo.


To see a bite in your dream forewarns of danger from someone who wish you harm, either physical or financial. Be careful of people who surround you. 

To dream that you are being bitten represents your vulnerability regarding some unresolved issues or emotions. You may be pestered by a problem or obstacle. The dream may also be a metaphor indicating that you have bitten off more than you chew. Perhaps you have too much to handle.

To dream that you are being bitten by a vampire signifies your need to shut out a person in your life who has been using you. It is time to open your eyes and stand up for your self. Do not let yourself be manipulated and played for a fool.

To dream of biting someone in your dream signifies the pressure you are putting on some people causing them great distress. You may have unexpressed, perhaps even childish, feelings of anger or resentment that need to be recognized. This dream is a message for you to lighten up and alleviate the stress that you are putting on others.   TOP


To dream that something is or tastes bitter suggests that a certain aspect or condition in your life is becoming difficult to swallow and tolerate.  You may also be experiencing some guilt.   TOP

Black Cat

To see a black cat in your dream indicates that you are experiencing fear in using your psychic abilities and in believing in your intuition. You may erroneously associate the black cat with evil, destruction, and bad luck. In particular, if the black cat is biting, clawing or attacking you, then the dream means that you must acknowledge what your intuition is trying to tell you. You can no longer ignore it. Do not be afraid to face the situation.   TOP

Black Eye

To dream that you have or get a black eye indicates unresolved conflict. If you give someone a black eye in your dream, then it means that you are not accepting the truth or of someone's decisions.  TOP

Black Hole

To see the black hole in your dream indicates that there is no turning back on a decision that you have made. You may be feeling stuck in a situation. Alternatively, the hole symbolizes the subconscious and the unknown.   TOP

Black Light

To see something under black light in your dream means that you are not seeing things that are happening around you. You are turning a blind eye and refusing to see the truth. Alternatively, dreaming of black light represents your intuition.  TOP

Black Widow

To see a black widow in your dream suggests fear or uncertainty regarding a relationship. You may feel confined, trapped, or suffocated in this relationship. You may even have some hostility toward your mate.

Because the female black widow has the reputation of devouring its mate, it thus also symbolizes feminine power and domination over men.   TOP


To see or eat blackberries in your dream suggest that you are becoming careless. It is also an expression of your hidden sexual desires.   TOP


To see a blackbird in your dream signifies a lack of motivation. You are not utilizing your full potential.  Alternatively, it represents jealousy, lust or temptation. 

In particular, if your dream that a blackbird is swooping, then it signifies delving into your subconscious.  TOP


*Please See Chalkboard.


To dream that you are blackmailing someone indicates your issues with power and domination. You may be letting your competitive nature get the best of you.

To dream that you are being blackmailed represents inner weaknesses and helplessness. You may not have confidence in your own ability. It may also be a pun on a "black male" you may know in your life. meanings by DreamMoods.com   TOP


To dream that there is a blackout indicates your lack of insight and perspective on a situation. You may be feeling  frustrated or experiencing failure in some work that you are attempting. The blackout may also symbolize ignorance, the subconscious, evil, death, or fear of the unknown.   TOP


To see a blacksmith in your dream represents inner strength and endurance. Perhaps the dream is telling you that you need to strike while the fire is hot or act while you have the opportunity.   TOP


To dream about  your bladder suggests that you need to show some restraint in exercising your power.   TOP


To see a blade in your dream suggests that you are making some difficult and important decisions. You need to be able to make clear distinctions between your choices. It also indicates that you are walking on a thin line and need to balance aspects of your life carefully. 

To dream that a blade is broken in half indicates some ambivalence, confusion or ambiguity with some decision that you are trying to make. Up to now, your actions have been counterproductive. Alternatively, the dream means that anger is not the answer to solving your problems.    TOP

**Please See Also Knife.


To dream that you are being blamed for something suggests that you are feeling powerless and helpless in some waking situation.

To blame someone else for something you did in your dream indicates that you are trying to deflect responsibilities for your actions.   TOP


To have a blank dream suggests that there is something missing or lacking in your life. It symbolizes fruitless labor, an emotional void, or loneliness. Alternatively, having a blank dream may mean that you are experiencing some sort of blackout. You are zoning out.   TOP


To see a blanket in your dream symbolizes warmth, love, security and protection. You may be seeking for some form of shelter from the outside world. Consider also how your dream may be calling attention to a "cover-up" in some situation or circumstance in your waking life.

To dream that you are wrapped in a blanket indicates your fear of the unknown. You may feel some sort of threat/chaos or sense some coldness from those around you.

To dream that you are covering or wrapping someone in a blanket indicates your desire to care for that person.   TOP


To see or use bleach in your dream signifies a time of healing and cleansing. You are ready to mend past hurts and resolve any unexpressed emotions.

To dream that you are drinking bleach indicates that you are regretting some past comments you have said.     TOP


To see or sit on bleachers in your dream indicates that you are reflecting on the progress of your goals.  The appearance of bleachers can also serve to bring you back in time to the high school gym or track field and the feelings you experienced at the time.   TOP


To see a blender in your dream symbolizes your ability to blend various ideas into a harmonious whole.   TOP


To dream of a blessing indicates that you are free to move ahead in some endeavor. Others are looking at your actions with approval. Alternatively, you are being recognized for your growth, progress and understanding.   TOP


To see or ride in a blimp in your dream represents your goals, ambitions and aspirations. It may also indicate an inflated sense of yourself. Alternatively, the dream may be a metaphor for your weight and your issues about your physical appearance. It could also be a reference to someone who is overweight. If there is a message on the blimp, then consider how you need to incorporate the message into some waking issue or to some aspect of your life. For example, the good year blimp may mean that you need to be more optimistic about life.    TOP


To dream that you are blind represents your refusal to see the truth or your lack of awareness to a problem. Perhaps you are rejecting something about yourself or your situation. Are you refusing to see any other point of view except your own? Consider the pun, "turning a blind eye".

To see a blind person in your dream suggests that you are letting opportunities pass you by.

To dream that a blind person has regained their sight in one or both eyes implies that you do not need to be able to physically see certain things in order to "see" things. You need to trust your instincts or intuition.   TOP

Blind Date

To dream that you are on a blind date represents unknown aspects of yourself that you are trying to get know or acknowledge.    TOP

*Please See Also Date.


To dream that you are wearing a blindfold indicates that you are being deceived by someone or by some situation. You may be too naive or too trusting. Alternatively, you are trying to cut yourself off from the world.

To dream that you are blindfolding someone suggests that you are being dishonest. You are trying to deceive others.    TOP


To see or dream that you are shutting the blinds suggests that you are in denial about a situation or problem.  The dream may also be a pun on being blind and refusing to see something. Perhaps you are hiding something.

To dream that you are opening the blinds indicates that you are ready to reveal something significant and/or personal that was previously unknown.   TOP


To see or use the blinkers in your dream mean that you are looking for validation or approval. If the blinkers do not work, then it indicates that you are experiencing some hesitation about the decision you have made or the direction that you have taken.    TOP


To dream that you are blinking indicates that there is something you fear in seeing. You are refusing to see the obvious.   TOP


To dream that you have a blister indicates that some minor annoyance or problem is draining your energy and time. Consider how you may have gotten the blister. If you got the blister from manual and hard labor, then it indicates that you need to put forth more effort in order to overcome your little problems. To dream that you got the blister from a burn suggests an emotional or relational problem.  

Where the blister is located is also significant.  If the blister is on you hand, then it suggests that you are having issues related to power and competency. If the blister is on your face, then it indicates issues related to your identity, self-image, and self-identity.   TOP


To dream about a blizzard suggests that you are feeling emotionally cold and frigid. You feel excluded and left out. It may indicate a lack of love and the absence of warmth within your own family circle.   TOP


To dream that you are bloated indicates some pent up emotion.   TOP


To see a block or blocks in your dream represent obstacles that you need to overcome. These are things that try to hinder you from achieving your goals. Alternatively, it symbolizes a vision and making something out of nothing.   TOP


To read or write a blog in your dream suggests that you are trying to change or rewrite the past to suit your own needs. Consider what is written in the journal and how it is similar or dissimilar to actual events in your waking life.  Alternatively, it symbolic of some memory or something that you need to always remember.

To dream that someone is reading your blog indicates your popularity. You are experiencing life to the fullest.   TOP


To see a blonde person in your dream suggests that you need to enjoy life and live it up. Be a little glamorous.

To dream that you dye your hair blonde indicates that you literally need to lighten up and quit being so serious all the time. Try  to be more upbeat.   TOP


To see blood in your dream represents life, love, and passion as well as disappointments. If you see the word "blood" written in your dream, then it may refer to some situation in your life that is permanent and cannot be changed. If something else is written in blood, then it represents the energy you have put into a project. You have invested so much effort into something that you are not willing to give it up. If you dream of blood on the walls, then it is a warning of sorts. There is a situation that you need to confront. You can not avoid it any longer. More specifically, if blood is on the bathroom walls, then it indicates that the situation that you need to confront is an extremely emotional one.

To dream that you are bleeding or losing blood signifies that you are suffering from exhaustion or that you are feeling emotionally drained. It may also denote bitter confrontations between you and your friends.  Some of your past actions have come back to haunt you. Women often dream of blood or of someone bleeding shortly before or during their periods or while they are pregnant. For a pregnant woman in particular, blood in dreams is symbolic of the life force that they are carrying. Such dreams are also a reminder to take things slow. 

To dream that others are bleeding signifies an emotional cry for help.

To dream that you are drinking blood indicates that you have a fresh burst of vitality and power. If you dream that you are coughing blood, then it represents wasted energy. You are spending too much time on counterproductive activities.

To dream that you are giving or donating blood suggests that you are feeling physically drained due to stress. If blood is squirting everywhere, then the dream implies that you are experiencing some deep emotional stress. You are literally bursting.  TOP

**See The Meaning In Action: "Menstruation"

Blood Pressure

To dream about your blood pressure suggests that a situation or problem is causing you some stress. If you dream that your blood pressure is too low, then it represents your lacking vitality and slower paced lifestyle. You need to socialize more. 

To dream that someone is taking your blood pressure represents some health concerns. Perhaps you need to improve your health. Or you should go visit your doctor.   TOP


To see or wear bloodstone in your dream symbolizes tranquility, tolerance, and understanding. You will overcome your hardships and difficulties.    TOP


To see a blossom in your dream represents the beauty within your Self. It may be analogous to how you are opening to something.  Alternatively, the dream suggests that your hard work will pay off in the end.   TOP


To wear or buy a blouse in your dream indicates that you are trying to express your emotions.  Consider the color of the blouse for added significance. Also pay attention to the fit and style of the blouse for additional clues into your emotional state.   TOP

Blow Dry

To dream that you are blow drying your hair suggests that you are clearing out your thoughts and getting some fresh ideas. It may also be a pun on something that blows your mind.   TOP

Blow Torch

To see or use a blow torch in your dream indicates that you are trying to obliterate an aspect of your self that you are ashamed of or are embarrassed about. Consider the significance of what you are aiming the blow torch at for clues as to what you are trying to erase about yourself.    TOP


* Please See Puffer Fish.


To see a blowhole in your dream represents sudden outbursts of emotion, usually anger. You are looking for an outlet to release these emotions.  TOP


To dream that you have a blowout suggests that unexpected occurrences are creating obstacles and delays toward your goals.   TOP

Blowup Doll

To see a blowup doll in your dream points to a one-sided relationship. 

Dreaming that you are having sex with a blowup doll indicates that you are needs are not being fulfilled.   TOP

Blue Jay

To see a blue jay in your dream indicates that you are over-confident and being too arrogant.  Alternatively, a blue jay may be trying to call attention to something which you have overlooked.   TOP


To see bluebells in your dream foretell of news coming your way.    TOP


To see or eat blueberries in your dream represent your youth and the desire to recapture aspects of your youth. It is a symbol of eternity and optimism of the future. Alternatively, it may depict your depressed mood and sadden state of mind.   TOP


To see a bluebird in your dream symbolizes both happiness and sadness. It is also an indication of purification and resolution to the opposing conflicts/paradoxes in your life.   TOP


To see a blueprint in your dream indicates that you need to pay closer attention at the details before proceeding forward with some plan or relationship. It may also mean that you are in the process of going through some inner changes in your life. You are working on expanding your way of thinking.   TOP


To have a blurry dream indicates that there is something you are not confronting or are refusing to see. Life may be passing you by if you do not participate in it. It also represents secrets and confusion. Perhaps you think that someone is trying to keep something from you.   TOP


To dream that you are wearing blush indicates that you want to be more expressive and loving. Alternatively, the dream may be highlighting an embarrassing situation.   TOP

Boa Constrictor

To see a boa constrictor in your dream suggests that you are feeling suffocated or restricted in some personal relationship. Alternatively, it represents repressed sexual urges or hidden enjoyment of sex.   TOP


To see a boar in your dream indicates that you need to look inside to find the answers and secrets about yourself and the people around you. The dream may also be a pun on " a bore" or something or someone that is "boring".   TOP

Board Games

To see or play board games in your dream signifies your progress in life. How you do in the board game is analogous to the setbacks and accomplishments in your waking life.  Consider the name of the board game you are playing in your dream for additional significance.   TOP


To dream that you are in a boardinghouse signifies emotional difficulties and hardships. Hang in there and these times will pass.   TOP


To dream that you are on a boardwalk symbolizes your life's path. It represents your social circle and lifestyle.   TOP


To dream that you are in or see a boat signifies your ability to cope with and express your emotions. Pay particular attention to the condition and state of the waters, whether it is calm or violent, clear or murky, etc. Are you "smooth sailing"? Alternatively, you may be ready to confront your subconscious and unknown aspects of yourself. The dream could be telling you not to rock the boat and to stay out of harm's way.

Dreaming that a wave hits your boat and knocks you into the water means that you are letting your emotions guide your decisions. Perhaps you are acting too irrationally.

To dream that you are trying to jump off a boat suggests that  you want to confront those difficult emotions and approach your  problems head on.   TOP


To see or live in a boathouse in your dream suggests that you are well in tune with your emotions. You know how to express your emotions in a healthy way. Consider the condition of the water to indicate how you are feeling. Alternatively, the dream may mean that you need to find time to escape for life's daily demands.   TOP



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