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Too Much Chewing Gum

I have a dream where the top of my mouth is clogged up with what feels like chewing gum. When I try to pull it out, my teeth come out one by one. I can actually feel the sensation in my dream! All I can think about is getting them put back in. What on earth is all this about? Help!

Angela C.
December 20, 2001

Hi Angela,

Your dream suggests that you are unable to effectively express yourself. After all, it would be pretty tough to talk when your mouth is clogged with chewing gum. Having no teeth would also make it difficult to speak. The loss of your teeth suggests that you are feeling disempowered and vulnerable. You may be having trouble getting your point across. As a result, this dream is a reflection of your waking frustrations of not being heard or not taken seriously. You need to believe in the value of your own opinion and believe that what you feel and say is important.

Best Regards,


Angela's Response:  

Dear Steve,

MANY thanks for your e-mail, it was really useful and very true I think! I'll be keeping in touch and again. Thanks very much for your time!




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