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Thanks for the point of view on dreams about your teeth falling out.

My question is if there is any significance to the fact that I pull my teeth out one by one myself and that I can FEEL it ripping out of my gums?

This is a dream that I have often and the dream only varies once in awhile regarding how I pull the teeth out.

Michelle L.
September 5, 2000

Hi Michelle,

I am glad you have found the interpretation of teeth to be meaningful and helpful for you.

In answer to your inquiry of the significance of feeling your teeth being ripped out of your gums, I believe the feelings may parallel your emotional state of feeling hurt or distressed. You indicated how you often have dreams of your teeth falling out. These dreams usually mean anxieties over your appearance, your lacking sense of power or your inability to communicate. These varying situations bring about emotions which may manifest itself as the sensations you feel as your teeth is being pulled out of your gums.

Best Regards,


Michelle's Response:


Thanks for getting back to me on my question about pulling my own teeth out. I found your page very interesting and shared it with everyone at work. They are going to be checking it out and seeing what their dreams are about.



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