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Two Teeth In One Spot

Hi. I just had a dream about teeth falling out. It was rather weird, as two teeth had fallen out of the same spot - which is not possible! The teeth were rather small and white, and little blood was present. I don't know how it happened really, but I guess my tongue touched that tooth/teeth and it became really loose and started moving. And then it just fell out a little bit after that. 

At one point, I looked in the mirror and my teeth were REALLY decayed, like lots of ridges and junk. But then, my teeth looked fine again, like shiny. When I smiled, you couldn't tell I had lost that tooth. After that, I went to the hospital with my teeth, and they sent me home and told me that they'd call me. All that time, I had my teeth in my hand. What's this supposed to mean?

Thanks a lot
Mon L.
August 8, 2000

Dear Mon,

Your dream seem to represent a loss of power or aggressiveness. It is interesting how you mentioned that two teeth fell out from the same spot. This sounds similar to the teeth of sharks where it grows in rows - one row behind the other. This notion furthers my belief that your teeth dream is symbolic of power and there lack of.

Incidentally, you end up at the hospital - a place where you can heal, both mentally or physically. Your dreams seems to suggest that you may be feeling run down. Is there a situation in your life that is giving you some stress or where you feel you have no control over, thus contributing to feelings of powerlessness?

Metaphorically, the teeth that you still held in your hand may mean that the power IS in your hand. It seems that sometimes you may have a tendency to doubt and second-guess yourself. This dream serves as a reassurance to always believe in yourself.

Best Regards,





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